Arlester Vernon Jr

Augusta Mortgage Company


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243 Davis Rd
Augusta, GA, 30907

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8 Reviews






Les is hands down an awesome person! He kept me informed and didn't make me wait for answers. His response time is noteworthy and he has a great personality on top of it all. He's very professional and knowledgeable as well. I'll recommend him any time!



Les is man of integrity who gets the job done with a sharp pencil point that saved us money. He kept our best interest in mind and made the process easy and fast.

Welton Chase


Les truly cares for his clients. He goes above and beyond to make things easier in a process that’s not exactly fun. I would definitely recommend him.

Shannon Tucker


Les is more than just my Mortgage Broker, we consider him family. He truly and wholeheartedly cares for what is best for his client. I trusted him when he was a Colonel in the Army and I trust him today. There is nobody more concerned for your well being when you finance a home thank Les Vernon. A

Sean Parijs 1SG (Ret)


Arlester Vernon or "Les" was extremely professional, courteous and knowledgeable. He made our home loan refinance go smooth as possible. Whenever I had questions, no matter how trivial, he was always available and willing to provide feedback. He was never intimidating (surprising considering he is a retired Army Colonel!) and beat all other home lenders in interest rates and closing costs. I highly recommend you give him a call particularly if you are military veteran looking for a home.

James Tankersley


Looked at a couple of other outfits for my mortgage loan but we are glad we finally went with Augusta Mortgage and specially am happy Les was the person who helped us through the process. He basically held our hand through every step of the way and explained everything as we went along. It was a pleasure working with him.

Gassim Ahmed


Les Vernon, as I know him as Col Vernon is a man that will go out of his why to help you in the loan process. He help me close my loan on 22 Nov 17 and was there at closing. If there was anything I needed for the closing he ensured that I had it and my closing went smooth. I highly recommend Col Vernon tp all who is looking to buy a home and not just need a loan but someone that will walk you through the process and will make sure you understand everything in the process.Thank You SirHoooah

Edward Johnson


Les helped me out tremendously with my loan. He went above and beyond explaining the process and beat all other competitors with interest rates. No matter what time of day or night he always responded immediately. He personally attended the closing, which is not common with most lenders. I can’t recommend him enough. He will not let you down.

Karen Rogers