Senior Product Manager / Head of Product

Testimonial Tree is looking to hire senior Product Manager / Head of Product. Work for one of the top and award-winning startups in SWFL!

Full Job Description

Senior Product Manager/Head of Product

As the senior member of our product management team, you will work with the Testimonial Tree team at every level to define new product feature requirements and help prioritize our product roadmap.

As a product expert with excellent communication skills, you will be accountable for assembling product requirements from multiple sources (e.g. customer feedback, competitive analysis, research, etc.) and communicating product requirements to our software development team.

You will also work closely with our customers, resellers, and other partners to help shape our next-generation products and increase awareness of our company & products.

What Excites You

  • Being a key senior team member in a fast-paced, customer-focused, and product-minded culture that moves rapidly from planning to prototyping, building and shipping amazing products
  • Commitment to understanding customers and doing the difficult work to truly understand their problems and what they value most
  • Thinking outside the box and forging new paths via creative approaches
  • Closely collaborating with engineering, design, and business teams on the products we build, from definition to delivery
  • The opportunity to truly own your work and have a real impact on building value in a company

 Principal Responsibilities

  • Manage software product line across multiple industry & market applications
  • Work with software development team to develop detailed product requirements
  • Identify industry & market trends to shape future product requirements
  • Develop, review, and maintain company’s product roadmap
  • Lead product launch/GTM process across entire company
  • Coordinate beta/early product testing programs with strategic customers
  • Develop & maintain product pricing for direct & reseller channels
  • Lead training of our sales & marketing teams
  • Act as a product evangelist to further build customer & industry awareness


  • History of thriving in a fast-paced, agile product development environment; preferably with experience as a product manager at a software/SaaS startup
  • Strong interpersonal skills and experience leading and collaborating with cross-functional teams across company boundaries
  • Strong analytical and strategic thinking skills
  • Knowledge of desktop, mobile, and responsive web applications, APIs, services, and 3rd party integrations
  • Bachelor’s degree required, preferably in Computer Science, or a related field

About Testimonial Tree:

Testimonial Tree’s online reputation and customer satisfaction software enables companies to have insight to grow their business. Founded in 2014, Testimonial Tree supports hundreds of organizations as a key strategic partner in optimizing how their services are viewed by customers. We’re looking to hire people who believe nothing is impossible, love to learn and be curious, can be accountable for success, always enjoy the journey and will own their personality. If this is you, come grow your career with Testimonial Tree.

This position offers full benefits & partial remote working.