Podcast: Interview With Zappos Culture Maestro Ryo Zsun

Zappos is an online retail giant famous for their shoe selection. Zappos continues to wow their customers with incredible service and keeps their employees happy in part thanks to Ryo Zsun, Zappos Culture Maestro. 

Ryo’s background is in the food & beverage industry and he began his Zappos career as the barista at its cafe 6 years ago. The journey took him through the customer phone support department to leading the tourists around the Zappos campus as well as speaking engagements.

Ryo fell in love with Zappos’ employees and started focusing on growing the culture. He explains why a company should focus on culture and how to achieve exceptional results by nurturing teams as well as customers.  He explains how Zappos is different when it comes to customer service and what he has done to go above and beyond to wow customers.

The customer stories Ryo remembers are not only heartwarming and noteworthy but just might make you cry. 

He did.

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