New Partnership With J4 Mortgage Will Help Mortgage & Title Companies Get More Online Reviews

J4 Mortgage Solutions, LLC, a mortgage technology consulting company, has partnered with Testimonial Tree today to add automated feedback and 5 star online reviews to its suite of tech services. This strategic partnership offers insight for J4’s clients into their customer experiences so they can improve and enrich their service offerings.

J4 Mortgage Solutions uses technology to help financial institutions, mortgage, and title companies thrive in an increasingly competitive environment where streamlined operations force efficiencies. Testimonial Tree’s tool facilitates automated feedback collection and curation of reviews for publication on the web. Integrating these tools informs J4’s clients on opportunities to improve.

J4 founder Jim Leone says, “J4 helps clients operate more efficiently to improve their ROI on tech solutions. Using Testimonial Tree’s tool to incorporate client reviews into the mix of solutions we provide enhances our service offerings. Automated feedback from customers allows our clients greater awareness of customer satisfaction and concerns so they can expand and continually progress.”

One J4 client, Wisconsin Mortgage Corporation Vice President John Inzeo says, “We rely on Encompass by Ellie Mae, our mortgage management system, and looked forward to adding Testimonial Tree to automate five-star reviews. We were impressed with how easily we were able to link Encompass with Testimonial Tree. Connecting these two systems was flawless and exceeded expectations. We are thrilled at the insights offered by the review tool.”

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