Get Started With Testimonial Tree

Thank you for the opportunity to support your continued success. We’ve included a few videos to help you communicate and train your team how to collect, monitor and share customer feedback. Testimonial Tree automates buyer-seller surveys, testimonial marketing and collection of 3rd party reviews. We deliver the customer and related insights to grow your business.

Getting Started: Agents

Username and Login credentials will come from Testimonial Tree (For single sign-on brokerages agents access their account profile via their intranet via single sign-on SSO)

View videos how to collect, monitor and share feedback. See additional support articles and videos.

Welcome To Testimonial Tree

Real Estate

2 minute overview

Start Your Journey with Testimonial Tree

How To Complete Your Testimonial Tree Profile Page

How To Add An Existing Testimonial In Your Testimonial Tree Account

How To Send a Testimonial Request Via Email

How To Send a Testimonial Request Via Text

How To Create Your First Website Widget

How To Add a Testimonial Request Link To Your Email Signature

Getting Started: Brokerages

(1-2 twenty minute calls with you and Testimonial Tree does the rest)

1. Kick Off Call

2. Submit support ticket to web company. Testimonial Tree provides testimonial widget code for displaying testimonials on website(s)/agent profiles, agent/location data feed and single sign-on (SSO).

3. Submit support ticket to transaction management company. Testimonial Tree connects into platform to automate buyer-seller feedback.

4. Training for admin user, resources, how-to-videos (below) for agent rollout and training.

5. begin collecting feedback and get results.