How to Develop Your Brand Story – Don’t Go At It Alone

If you want to develop, improve or increase the SEO value of your content where do you start? Sitting in a room alone trying to “will” content into being, and then hoping it is good content, can be frustrating and ineffective. To get started don’t try to go at it alone. Think about leveraging your happy customers testimonials to develop brand story content.

If you want good SEO value for your content marketing efforts, consider the power of using your customers’ language.

Did you know there are 7-million brand new searches in the search engines everyday? Those are never searched before terms. There is literally new opportunity to be found via effective SEO content everyday. You can easily get in the mix if you start to think outside the box on traditional SEO keyword padding; and humanize your approach to SEO. (I am not saying keyword research and use is to be abandoned but rather recognized as only one tactic. And with everyone competing for the same keywords, results are delivering diminishing ROI.

But how can you actually get started right now? Many will say they want to, but time is a commodity used up with your existing schedule, workload, family, household errands, dinner meetings etc. Well… Don’t go at it alone- leverage your customers – they are your greatest content asset. How customers speak about the solution you deliver them is killer content and great for SEO. Your customers’ language is what other potential customers are most likely searching for in Google right now. And remember, you have 7-million new chances daily.

Take a minute and reflect on a great conversation you recently had with a customer or someone starting to engage in your business. Think about when they shared how you helped them, and why they engaged with your company in the first place. This is the voice of your customer. Their story about your brand. Why create content on your own from scratch when you can create killer content and brand stories by leveraging the voice of your customer. Yes, you need to capture the customer’s voice, we will get to that. Imagine when you capture their testimonials as stories versus just ratings… these testimonials will be like gold for marketing and messaging around your brand. Yes, and great SEO. Their stories will:

  • Showcase your brand
  • Use actual customer words, phrases like customers are using and searching for
  • Deliver real, authentic stories about your business which is really what the game is all about – relevant content that satisfies what potential new customers are looking for.

If you need to make it happen- look for technology to help, again don’t try to go at it alone. What you want is to get it done; empower yourself and your team to generate leads, control online reputation, tell great brand stories and run a profitable business. Simple software that enables you to easily collect testimonials, which is your brand story, control where and when they are captured and where and when they are shared will make sure you have killer content for all your marketing efforts, including SEO. No complicated content marketing strategy needed, no additional staff resources to execute. Just simply tapping into your customers, in an easy and comfortable manner, to get their feedback (there’s another brand win for you – because you took the time to ask your customer for their feedback).

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