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Hi Robert,

I saw the update to the website that was made last night - it looks terrific! Previously I had asked about what it would take to get the site to treat the pictures differently... if you have initiated the question, I would still be interested in knowing what it would cost to make the change, but after seeing the new version I think the site is going to be fine as is. I'm sure there will always be ways to make the site better and different. For now I think we are in a great spot to launch (after I get a bit more content, of course).

I also wanted to let you know that the merchant account got approved yesterday. The training sessions I had with Jessie and Andrew went great - they were both very patient and helpful. The video that you sent to me was a little different from the video that Andrew sent me. I know that they both came from GoToMeeting, but for some reason I'm able to view Jessie's video, but not Andrew's. I think there might be some issues on my side since I use a Mac. Andrew and I are still working it out.

So far the help desk has also been working very well for me. I appreciate your response on the first question I asked and Amit quickly responded to the question I posted last night.

To date, the experience I've had with MultiSoft has been amazing. Thanks again for all of your help.

Avery Kramer


We can't thank you enough for all of your assistance in making this a reality.

Barry T., Las Vegas, NV


What I'm about to share with you... you probably already know... but wanted to say it just the same. It is a treat to work with Jessie. As of today he has designated me as a "pro" and on my way to becoming a "master" with regards to working on the web site & back office area and knowing what to do.
AND, as I said to him, there is no way I'd be a candidate for either "title" if it were not for his EXCELLENT training.
We have fun, we joke around, and Jessie is so on point to making sure I get the answer to any of my questions which typically are "how do I....".
Wanted to let you know that as a customer, your team member, Jessie Garcia, is wonderful to work with and an asset to your company.
P.S. This is a non-solicited endorsement and testimonial. Jessie does not even know I am doing this. Wish I lived closer to take him to lunch and show my appreciation.        :  )

Terra Farrar


Project Development & Implementation, EarthWalk Productions

By the way, I want to congratulate Multisoft for having Jessie as a team member.  He is truly an asset to your organization.  He has demonstrated a caring and attentive attitude paired with substantial product knowledge and a willingness to ensure that our needs are met.  Kudos to Multisoft for attracting such a quality member of your team.

Thomas Banks


Co-Founder, The Original Quiz Glass, Inc.

Hi Robert,
I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how fantastically impressed I was with your CTO Amit. I was in a spot where a lot if time and money depended on me getting the system to do something that it wasn't designed to do. Two other of your employees (who I think are wonderful too) tried but could not find a way to accomplish this task. It may seem like a really little thing, but it means that I get to start my business days ahead and it may mean that will be able to do business in Florida. I had basically given up on getting it when Veronica encourages me to bring if to Amit and I am so glad she did. First if all his demeaner males him so easy to communicate to and work with but the real reason that I'm so happy is that he is brilliant. He is a creative superstar. He figured out a way to get this one thing. All I needed was one word ln the bottom of the customer registration page, but for legal reasons it had to be on the bottom left. It may sound simple, but it wasn't. Emet immediately knew some options. At first I wasn't too impressed because as CTO I figured he knew a lot about the system, but after a few options failed, his creative genius kept going. He tried about three more options and eventually solved the problem and by solving the problem, he really helped my business.

I just wanted you to know so that you can take pride in your staff. I'm sure you must hear the occasional disgruntled person, so I wanted you to hear how your staff can be the hero too. I appreciate everyone who has helped Pay Yourself First, but I had to let you know how overjoyed I am with Amit. I am looking forward to many future projects with him.

Josh Flood


President, Pay Yourself First

Thank you so much!  You guys really are awesome.  I am enjoying working with you all!



......can't tell you how comforting it is to know I can always count on you for answers!

Dawn A.


I just wanted to take the time out and let all of you know how much help Jessie has been lately.  I haven’t needed anyone’s help recently until now, with some of the product additions etc that we have going on we are had to reach out as of late.  He has really been taking care of us and quick responses and action.  I just wanted everyone to know what a great job he is doing and I am glad we get to work with him.  We really appreciate it when we have people to work with like him. 
So Jessie, thank you for your efforts as of late!

Scott Rogers


President, Vi-Tel Wireless

Thanks so much for getting this handled.  One of the things I love about working with MultiSoft is the team support you give us.



A company is no more than the sum of the people who comprise it. And the people of Multisoft
are among the best I’ve had the pleasure of working with during my nearly two decades in the
network marketing industry.
From the beginning of the relationship until present, Tony Lanza has been professional, courteous,
diligent and attentive to our every request. Frankly, I wondered if Tony’s performance had set the
bar so high that others at Multisoft would have a hard time reaching it. I’m glad to say that I was
Stefanie, Melissa, Brandy, Davy and Robert are quality people with a true desire to see our company
succeed. I believe they have our interest at heart, not just as clients, but as people.
The software is meeting our expecations and I see that everyone at Multisoft is committed to growing
with our company and our expanding needs. The product is a reflection of the people who have developed
and maintain it.
I have no hesitation, in fact, I am excited to recommend Multisoft the company, the people, to
anyone considering a software solution for their network marketing endeavor.

SK Anderson


Co-Founder, Initia Wellness International