Continuity Programs Signs On With Testimonial Tree

Jason Dolle and Kirk King shaking hands at a wall with a sign "Success is a Journey"

Testimonial Tree is proud to announce a new partner to the family, Continuity Programs. We are excited to partner with a company whose desire is to better know their customers and improve their user’s online reputation. Continuity Programs is leveraging a suite of tools to perform online survey’s, collect and host testimonials, digital share testimonials through social media channels, and to deliver customer satisfaction insights to the company.

The following is the press release.

Online PR News – 03-June-2019 – Walled Lake, Michigan – Continuity Programs, Inc. is excited to announce a new integration with Testimonial Tree. Continuity Programs’ real estate marketing and mortgage CRM software are now integrated with Testimonial Tree’s online reputation management system. This partnership will benefit real estate agents and loan officers by automatically passing online reviews between the two platforms.

Kirk King, President of Continuity Programs says, “We exist to generate new business opportunities and look forward to seeing our integration with Testimonial Tree improve the online reputation for our users.”

“We have formed a strong partnership that we’re thrilled to be able to pass onto our clients.”

Companies who make use of this integration will be able to share customer feedback with social media with ease. With the vast majority of people saying they trust the recommendations of friends and family over anyone else, it is critical that companies improve their online reputation. Both platforms capture testimonials for agents and loan officers through client satisfaction surveys. When paired with Testimonial Tree’s software, users of Continuity Programs’ MyCRMDashboard and MyLeadDashboard will see their social proof skyrocket.

“Testimonial Tree and Continuity Programs both have a powerful presence in the real estate industry,” Jason Dolle, Founder, and CEO of Testimonial Tree, says. “We have formed a strong partnership that we’re thrilled to be able to pass onto our clients. Our intuitive, turnkey software makes it easy to collect authentic testimonials from happy customers.”

About Continuity Programs: Continuity Programs, Inc. serves mortgage and real estate companies with easy-to-use customer relationship management (CRM) software and automated marketing solutions. Since 1973, Continuity Programs’ campaigns have consistently proven to drive referrals and repeat business, generate exclusive leads, and increase client retention for agents and loan officers across the US. To learn more, visit or call (800) 521-0026.

About Testimonial Tree: Testimonial Tree is the established leader in testimonial management software. Professionals rely on Testimonial Tree to gather feedback on customer experiences using 5-star ratings, satisfaction surveys, and customer reviews. Testimonial Tree helps companies take control of their online reputation, build trusted relationships with clients, and improve brand loyalty. To learn more, visit or call (239) 301-3517.

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