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3888 S. Sherwood Forest Blvd., Suite S
Baton Rouge, LA, 70816

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7 Reviews






Michelle is awesome.. She is the best at her job and she really care about the person she is working for... I would recommend her to everyone that I know ... She is just the awesome... Thank you Michelle

Crystal Wilson


My husband's company relocated us to the Baton Rouge area. They set us up with Gardner Realtors and Michelle took on the challenge of finding us the perfect house. Boy did she have her hands full! We got into Baton Rouge on a Friday and that early afternoon, we met with Michelle, she greeted me with a hug (I liked her already!) and she took us to look at some of the houses on our list. Of course we couldn't find the perfect one on day 1, but we looked until about 7:00 pm that evening. So, the next morning, Saturday, Michelle met us at her office at 9:00 am to come up with a new game plan and find more houses. We headed out about 10:00 am and we looked all day long, until about 8:00 pm that evening. Still couldn't find the perfect home! Feeling a little down, I was beginning to lose hope. Michelle went home to her family, who she hasn't seen in almost 2 days, and continued to search for us at home. Sunday morning, repeat of Saturday morning: Met at her office at 9:00 am, come up with a new game plan, head out about 10:00 am to look at houses. This woman was bound and determined to find us that "perfect home"! It wasn't easy...our main issue was that we have 4 dogs and I needed a big enough back yard to keep them in AND a house NOT in a flood zone. I was asking her to do the impossible!!! Well, do the impossible she did!!! The very last house we looked at that day was the PERFECT house!! We went back to her office about 6:00 pm to put our offer in and sign all of the paperwork. We lived about 7 hours away from BR so we needed to get this done ASAP! Thanks to Michelle for her willingness and determination to find us that perfect home within just a few days!! We truly couldn't do it without her. I will also add that it wasn't easy being stuck in a vehicle for three days straight with my husband and 13 yr old boy who is ADHD!! Needless to say, Michelle became part of our family! \r\nYou will not find a better real estate agent than this young woman right here!!!

Christina Sherry


I have worked with Michelle for some time under various circumstances. She stuck with me during and after the flooding of the Amite river, various tenants while renting my house- and even provided me with one of the best carpenters in the Baton Rouge area when I needed repairs. She is by far one of the best realtors in town and always puts the seller first!

Greg Benefield


Happy Client!

Michelle did a great job and was super helpful at guiding us through our transaction. She made sure to come to the inspection, appraisal, and answered all our questions along the way. She even helped out after the sale in finding us a contractor to help with some addition work and she followed up to make sure the recommended contractor was doing a great job.



We are really happy with Michelle Lafleur for helping us to sale our house. She is real professional. She got us the most money out of our property. She was always with us in every process of sale. We will use her again in any future real estate need. She is the best and we wish her the best. Thanks Michelle.

Suresh O.



I met Michelle by chance while "soft" searching for a new home for my family. Even though I insisted I wasn't ready to get into a relationship with another realtor after a recent unpleasant experience, she was able to persuade me otherwise. She quickly became apart of our family. She was accessible, reliable, knowlegable and trustworthy. She was detailed in advising us, providing contacts and expediting her tasks. We closed on our home on December 13, 2016 right in time for Christmas! I couldn't imagine going through this home buying experience with anyone other than Michelle!

Thanks from The Cousins Family!



I'd like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for Michele.   Several months ago I was a first time homebuyer, and connected with Michelle after calling her to inquire about one of her listings.  After just a few minutes, her attentiveness and knowledge were quickly evident.  Wanting to operate on a short timeline, she listened to my desires and immediately provided me with information about multiple properties. Within days she setup home tours and guided me through the entire process.  As we walked each property, she allowed me to think out loud and provided great guidance, insight, truly serving as a wonderful sound board as I navigated this process.  I know future homebuyers will be grateful to have Michelle lead them through this experience. 

Danielle M


1st Time Home Buyer