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Harrison came through for us when we really needed it. He and his team were helpful and patient as we worked to make a cross country move. We are thankful that he not only worked on the loan, but took the time to understand who we were and what we needed. Thank you!

Edward Jatkola


They helped me save my fathers home after he passed away and my sisters wanted to sel out. I was able to buy them out and keep my fathers home.

Amanda Washington


Well done!

Maria Garcia Felix


Both Harrison and his associate, Kel, were awesome to work with, and super friendly. Always felt comfortable in their hands.

Clifford Hatcher


Felt that it was always awhile before we heard back about what next steps to take but overall great!

Breanna Tipton


We were building a new home and started the process with Harrison well over a year ago. The process of building was extended due to Covid related shut downs, shortages & dry labor pool. Harrison was with us for the whole journey, the ups and downs and constant changing lending requirements. He was in constant contact with us so we could make the best decisions for our loan. We moved our closing date up by over a week and Harrison and his team went above & beyond to make the early close happen for us. Absolutely amazing hard working team. Thanks for helping us get our dream home.

Tim Putich


Harrison and his team did an exceptional job in helping us secure our loan. It took months to finally get approved but it was us that was slow to get the info to them and they were very patient with us. We already have mentioned the All in One loan to our friends. That’s how happy we are to start using our money wisely. Mahalo to Harrison and his crew! C & J Beattie

Christian Beattie


I really felt like Harrison was working for me as a family member.

Joseph Pearson


Harrison (and Kel!) were amazing to work with. He communicated every step of the way, and was very thorough. If something was needed, he explained why it was needed, and I never felt confused about a very confusing process. He gave me lots of information (good and bad) regarding my loan, was mindful of my budget and I was never left in the dark. This was the best loan experience I've ever had, and I couldn't recommend Harrison and Kel enough!

Caroline Taing


Everyone went above and beyond to the process, easy and stress free. Thank you.

Kimberlee Reynolds