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I had to take time to think what to write about Harrison.. To say he went above and beyond his duty is an understatement. I believe he was and is the backbone of CMG financial. Him and his team worked diligently through the entire process to get my home. I am also a veteran. So he not only had to do his usual paperwork, he had to work with veterans affairs. Which I know is sometimes not easy. When he needed paperwork or something signed he was in constant contact to make sure we were ahead of the game. Also he had to work with my 401k company. All new fields for him to get moneys acquired and signatures done! I signed for me and my fiancee's house on October 18,2019... Without his help, and mind you I have never met him yet,but he makes you feel like family, I would have not gotten my home.. Harrison is an asset to CMG financial and a friend.. Thank you Harrison!!! David Howes

David Howes


Harrison was very professional. Always available and accommodating. I would highly recommend him to others. Great job!

Kyle Murata


All paperwork done very quick and they even earlier before I left for vacation!!!

Eva Goulart


Great service! Thank you!

Sarah LaVine


Harrison was amazing! He went above and beyond to make sure we were able to get the home we wanted and had a successful relocation to Idaho.

Rylan Oxford


Harrison George is a rockstar loan officer. He helped save my wife and I over $250 through a refinance. It took less than 2 weeks and this was one of the smoothest transactions I've ever been through. Buying or refinancing a house can be extremely stressful, but Harrison's knowledge and professionalism make stressful occasions seem like a breeze. I would recommend you go through Harrison for all of your buying needs! I'm a fan for life!

Jordan Ward


Harrison was amazing. He was extremely on the ball and quick to be in contact, answer questions and get us financed and into our new house. We were buying from out of state so he even catered to our needs with being out of state and not be in person for everything. As well as going beyond and helping me with contacts and networking for relocating my business. Highly recommend him and we will be using him for future endeavors! Thank you Harrison!

Megan Hinderager


Fantastic experience start to finish.

Christopher McCray


Harrison was the best! Harrison did whatever he could to accommodate us as we were purchasing a home out of state. In addition, Harrison worked with our crazy schedule that often meant we had to call/text him after hours during the week or on weekends and he always either answered our calls/texts or got back to us very quickly. I would highly recommend Harrison to friends/family who are considering purchasing a home.

Eric Michaelsen


Both Harrison and Julie did an excellent job! I appreciated their communication and updates. They were quick to provide me information or respond to my questions. I appreciate both of them for their work on this and getting it closed so quickly!

Alison Barajas