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1900 Eastwood Rd, Ste 38
Wilmington, NC, USA 28403

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39 Reviews






Working with Big Dan was the best thing that could of happened for us! We did make it to Topsail island too.  We liked it & saw amazing houses for sale using that app you told us about (love that app).  In two quick and enjoyable days, he showed us homes that fit our desires and, more importantly, showed us why the greater Wilmington area is where we want to be.

Brand and Laurie Carter


Big Dan was a tremendous help with helping us find our first house. With such an important decision in our life, "BD" made it simple and took all the fears and anxiety away from the situation. Since coming highly recommended, we were excited to share this wonderful experience with him and glad he stuck it out with us first time purchasers! After working many months, BD helped secure a sweet deal for us on a beautiful new home in Northchase. What makes him stand out is not only his in-depth knowledge on the ENTIRE purchasing process, or his rolodex of builders and key people in the real estate market, but also his ability to sift through our needs and develop a targeted plan for us to streamline our search. BD understands people and will quickly capture your preferences to minimize the search time. Quite frankly, the guy loves his job and he'll prove it to you once you start getting emails at 2:00 AM...he never stops thinking of his clients. We are glad to call him our friend now forever. Thank you so much Big Dan, aka Rent-a-Dad, aka BD. Bear hugs all around!

Matt & Jamie Warzel


I have been working with "Big Dan" at Intracoastal Realty for over 8 years now on the lending side. He is a realtor that always keeps his client(s) and lender fully informed and up-to-date on what is going on with the real estate transaction. "Big Dan" is always very prompt in returning phone calls, emails and even text. He makes my job as a mortgage lender easier. He is dependable, honest and very hands-on with his clients, with his lender as well as the real estate closing attorney. I would strongly recommend him as a buyers agent.

Dell Allen


Sr. Mortgage Loan Officer with North State Bank Mortgage

We had a difficult task of finding a family home that would serve as a primary residence for some and a 2nd home for the other members of the family, all while living a distance away. Dan was extremely helpful in flushing out what we were looking for and what was important to focus on. He kept us fully informed and he communicated all the issues that needed to be wrestled with. He was extremely flexible with his schedule and was able to meet with us when our schedules could allow. He helped us find the right house at a good price. We are thrilled with the home we purchased. Our due diligence period and closing went very smoothly. We enjoyed getting to know Dan and our kids totally loved him! He made this "big next step" in our lives much easier. "I Love him! He's like Olaf, he gives Big hugs" - Ava N. (8 yo) "Big Dan was always thinking of us. He would always bring a fun treat" - Katie N (11 yo)

Laura and Greg Nichols


Dan, Joyce and I thank you for making our "research" trip to Wilmington, productive, educational, and fun. Because of our pre-trip conversations and your listening while we were together, you understood what we were looking for and showed it to us. The Home Search app is dynamite way to find houses and complements your knowledge. Your enthusiasm for helping people is obvious and we are glad we were the recipients of it. Tom and Joyce Schiaffo

Thomas Schiaffo


Dan's service was exceptional! With two familes co-owning and a 10 month process, due to our constraints, he was very patient with us, and always eager to go the extra mile for us. He served us with boundless energy and a high degree of professionalism!

Jim and Marsha Petty


After researching our east coast options (on-line & physical visits) over a few years we settled on buying or building our dream retirement home in the Wilmington, NC area. A key concern was coming up the learning curve since we were not "locals" and lived over a thousand miles away. We knew we wanted someone that would represent us 100% and always be looking our for our best interest. We were familiar with the term "Buyer's Broker" that requires a licensed realtor solely represent the buyers and NOT the sellers. We were fortunate enough to find via the Web "Big Dan", an exclusive Buyer's Broker associated with Intracoastal Realty of Wilmington, NC. Our first contact was via e-mail that was quickly followed by an introduction call from "Big Dan". Soon, thanks to "Big Dan's" experience, we had both general literature about the Wilmington area as well as specific real estate (new and existing homes) that met our guidelines to consider before we even returned to Wilmington. During our return visit to Wilmington, when we met "Big Dan", he did not waste our time with a sales pitch or by trying to push high-priced properties but had already scheduled visits to homes that fit our guidelines. As we fine-tuned our guidelines "Big Dan" quickly located both existing properties and new neighborhoods for us to visit so by the end of that five-day visit we had an excellent working knowledge of the greater Wilmington area. In fact within a few days of returning to our home over a thousand miles away we made our decision thanks to "Big Dan's" efforts during our trip to Wilmington. We overnighted a deposit check to "Big Dan" that he hand carried to the builder thus ensuring we had purchased our 'dream lot' in the Wilmington area. Working with "Big Dan" has been a GREAT experience and we highly recommend his services to everyone but especially to those not familiar or from the Wilmington area. Heck "Big Dan" even has a list of the best hotels and restaurants he shares with everyone. Thanks "Big Dan" for helping us realize our dream, you're the best!!

Jim & Gini Mulligan


We give Dan Willard five stars for all his efforts in finding us a new home in North Carolina. His professionalism and knowledge of the market is excellent. He spent days driving us around the area to show us everything that was available based on our needs. Not only did we see homes currently on the market, but he also took the time to show us the actual neighborhoods in terms of shopping, dining and cultural interests. Dan is all about what the buyer wants and his kindness and southern charm are always evident. Never once did we feel pressured or rushed into making a decision. You may be assured that Dan will do all he can to make sure the buyer gets exactly what he's looking for.

Judy Monaco


~~We had the privilege of working with “Big Dan” Willard on our long distance, real estate purchase in Wilmington over the last month and a half.  Without him, we would have been located in a rental, whereas now, we are living the dream in a beautiful, new house on the water. Dan made sure that all of the inspections were done on time and knew all the experts in the area for different issues that were a concern. He kept tabs on all of them so that we closed exactly on the day and time planned. Dan not only interviewed the home inspector on camera – he also interviewed the County Compliance officer regarding CAMA regulations and vegetation lines.  With them captured on camera, so that we could hear their exact responses, it was like being there.
\r\nDan has been our eyes and ears in this transaction and we felt so comfortable with his expertise that we didn’t even deem it necessary to fly in from Seattle, WA for a walk-through. Overall a realtor that went far beyond what is expected to make our dream come through. It was a wonderful experience, and we would recommend him to anyone considering a long distance move to Wilmington.

Frits and Annemiek DenHartog, Seattle, WA


We've lived in the Boston area, Los Angeles, D.C, St Louis , and now Dallas. And , over the past three decades have worked with multiple realtors. Your professionalism, focus, communication, and knowledge exceeded our (probably high ) expectations, and is superior to all of our previous experiences. We were very fortunate to have you answer the phone when Nancy called. The experience and process with you, Dan, has been nothing less then stellar. Needless to say, buying a property when one is part way across the country is not easy. You made it easy and satisfying. We are very appreciative of the tremendous amount of effort on your part, and your organizational skills, due diligence, and enthusiasm. We  look forward to living in Landfall with you!.

Bob and Nancy Foglia, Dallas, TX