Tamara Weinstein



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1400 Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, CA, 94109

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23 Reviews






My husband and I are very happy we chose Tamara as our buying agent. She helped us land an ideal home in our ideal neighborhood. Finding and winning a home in San Francisco is not for the faint of heart and Tamara was a strong guiding force throughout the process. Even though we considered ourselves real estate savvy (having already owned and remodeled one home in the city), we would have been lost without Tamara's strategic guidance during the bid and contracting process. Her charm and savvy make her a delight to work with and work in her clients' favor as she negotiates and communicates with fellow agents. Tamara worked tirelessly to find an angle to give us a 'leg up' during the bid process - to great success!

Madeline W


I'm thrilled to share my views and insights on working with Tamara! Buying a house in a competitive market like San Francisco can be a long and tough emotional roller-coaster. Fortunately, I had Tamara to help me navigate the crazy seller’s market and ultimately purchase my perfect home. I truly respect and appreciate Tamara’s deep knowledge of the San Francisco market, great ability to estimate sale prices, and sharp, strategic approach. Tamara responded to every question, every email, call or text almost immediately. She was a confident and highly competent partner throughout the process and never failed to reassure me and go to bat for me. I highly recommend her and would definitely look to Tamara again in any of my future real estate transactions.

Paige Mantel


Tamara is a fabulous agent to work with. Extremely knowledgeable about the market. She is a true professional!

Emily Pahk


Digital Marketing Executive | Doctoral in Business Candidate at Georgia State University“I met Tamara at an industry conference and we instantly connected. She is fantastic at building relationships and does it in a manner that is authentic. Tamara is very knowledgeable about her craft and is a true veteran at what she does.”

Alvin G.


Digital Marketing Executive

Tamara is great to work with. Knows how to deal with professionals and clients. Not a typical "fast talking" sales person that takes the client's time. 

Harry L.


Ceo at E*Health Networks

Tamara is great to be associated with; knowledgeable, helpful and persistent in achieving her and the client goals.

Gary M.


Director, Global Digital Marketing at Lenovo

I first worked with Tamara in 2007. She provided great service  - very informative , responsive and reliable. She was also incredibly helpful with exploring ideas and pushing the limits of the medium. I've been fortunate to continue contact with Tamara as she moves on, so she can continue to teach, share and inspire.

Dora C. L.


Sr. Integrated Producer|Digital|Broadcast-freelance

Tamara has been a great partner....This has included agreeing to share her expertise in presentations at two different customer events. Her presentations were professional, informative, and well received.

Dan B.


Leader in Marketing, Strategic Partnerships and Channel Sales, and Messaging for B2B SaaS

Working with Tamara the past year has been a wonderful experience. She is detailed, organized, and has a tremendous work ethic.  I have watched her open doors with such professionalism and class. I hope to work side-by-side with Tamara for many years to come, regardless of the venture. Anyone looking for a consummate professional  would be well served with Tamara on their team!

Stephen E.


COO| Executive Senior Pastor at Embassy City Church

She is a strong team player and partner hunter/closer who provides her clients with best in class service. Incredibly responsible, reliable, and gracious, "Tenacious Tamara" never gives up....

Dea L.


Chief Marketing Officer, Variety