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1400 Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, CA, 94109

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23 Reviews






In May-June 2020, Tamara worked with me to help me sell my 1 bedroom 1 bath co-op in the Union Square neighborhood. In short, Tamara was knowledgeable, diligent, responsive, and effective. She has a deep knowledge of the extra steps involved in buying or selling a co-op. This proved critical to ensuring that the closing process for my apartment proceeded smoothly. Tamara kept in touch and kept me informed throughout the process and took the initiative in making certain that everything that needed to be completed for a successful sale was completed. I highly recommend Tamara, especially for anyone selling or buying a co-op.

Ian B


Tamara did a phenomenal job in helping us to sell our home. At every step of the process she showed expertise well beyond anything we would have thought necessary. In particular she showed herself to be a brilliant negotiator, engaging with others in a warm and personal way. In both written and spoken words she beautifully, tactfully and decisively articulated issues. She was always encouraging and responsive to our concerns, and her positive attitude and her passion always kept us moving in the right direction toward the best possible sale. We couldn't have hoped for anyone better!

Chip Breitwieser


Tamara was an absolutely incredible asset who was critical to us securing our first home! From the moment we met her, she brought experience, strategy, discipline, support, and information throughout the process -- and we truly enjoyed. She was incredibly patient with our questions as first-time homebuyers, and made sure we were armed with all the information we could use in every moment. We truly felt like we had a true teammate in Tamara, who was there for every possible challenge that could come up. Plus, she did it all with a smile and put us at ease whenever we simply needed to chat. We can't emphasize enough how powerful it is to have Tamara in your corner!

Nick Martell


We couldn't have landed in our new home without Tamara's diligence, instincts, and commitment to our needs. She steered us in the right direction at every critical point through the process, and we're so grateful to have had her in our corner as we dove into the madness of San Francisco real estate.

Molly Martell


Tamara was wonderful to work with. She was extremely responsive, and would go above and beyond to show us new properties that weren't in our list, and ask us the right questions to better understand what we were looking for. She was also a great advocate when we were at an open house with a seller's agent and made sure to gather all the information we wanted. She would check in on us to make sure that we were comfortable with each step and was a strong ally during negotiations. She helped us think through all of the different scenarios, and would give us frequent play by plays to ensure we had complete control over the close process. With each offer (we weren't willing to go above a certain threshold and the market is very competitive) we walked away feeling good about it knowing that we had exhausted all the options. I attribute much of this to Tamara and her partner Pota, who made sure we knew exactly what our options were and the mostly likely scenarios. If you are going into a competitive SF housing market and need a well-informed, thorough and courteous agent, I highly recommend Tamara!

Aurora Harshner


Tamara is amazing! I had the pleasure of working with both Tamara and Pota and it was a stellar tag team. Tamara was super responsive whenever I had any questions and found some really great places. They were on top of things, methodical, responsive and the best guides in such a complicated process. They really helped me understand what I was looking for and in a pretty short amount of time, I found an awesome place. I can't imagine having done this without Tamara. If you're considering working with her, consider no more... she is fantastic!

Daniel Shteremberg


We loved working with Tamara, and are so grateful we had her guidance during the process of purchasing our first home - and we're beyond thrilled with the result, a sweet single family home in the Outer Richmond, which we expected to be way out of reach. We were not particularly competitive buyers for San Francisco and thought it was unlikely we'd find something we loved that we could actually afford. But Tamara was positive and creative - and never pushy - she took the time to educate us about the market and she helped us look for the best opportunities (including many we never would have thought of or found without her) while being patient and keeping at the forefront that we should love where we live. She was also super responsive and accessible, and always gave great perspective about the places we toured together. She was hugely supportive and helpful during the closing process too. We would highly recommend her.

Clara & Ken


In addition to helping us buy our new home, Tamara ran an absolutely top notch marketing and sale process in selling our previous home. She guided us every step of the way and handled our concerns and questions with thoughtfulness, care and professionalism. We were thrilled with the ultimate outcome which included multiple offers and a sale price that exceeded our expectations and overshot the listing price significantly. I would highly recommend Tamara to other sellers or buyers. Her hustle, commitment, fearlessness and drive for results are unlike any other agent I’ve met.

Robert W.


Tamara was pivotal to navigating the San Francisco real estate market. Without her, we would have been lost since we have never purchased a condo in such a competitive market. We did not live in San Francisco during this purchase process, and Tamara was very accommodating with our constraints - time zones, hectic travel schedules, etc. We initially bid on a condo which we loved and were a bit heartbroken when we didn't get it - we were the 3rd highest offer of 7. Tamara prepared us well for the competition in this market and didn't sugarcoat the realistic side of these transactions. Later in the week, she called us and said that the listing agent reached out to her because the top offer's financing fell through (he didn't reach out to the second highest bidder). We were able to move quickly and placed a counter offer which was accepted, ratified and closed escrow one week later. Without Tamara's connections in the SF real estate scene, we probably wouldn't have gotten the condo. Throughout the process, she was available and extremely responsive to all of our questions. It was hectic, but Tamara did a great job of helping us navigate this crazy market!

Claire Mason


We recently relocated from Chicago to Miami and were quite unfamiliar with the real estate market. Tamara was a great listener and made sure to understand our needs. We leaned on her connections and experience to facilitate the process. She thoughtfully asked us what we wanted in an ideal home and within a day had identified a very reputable realtor in Miami. The agent she referred us to was terrific. We found exactly what we were looking for and couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. We would highly recommend Tamara to friends, colleagues and family and will continue to use her as our real estate agent.

J Keith