Pittsburgh Dental Sleep Medicine

Pittsburgh Dental Sleep Medicine


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11676 Perry Highway
Building III, Suite 3201
Wexford, PA, United States 15090

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114 Reviews






very likely was not able to use a c pap mask my pcp recommended i talk to you was very happy and comfortable with everyone there the appliance had made a big difference in my sleep

Michael M


The dental appliance was the best thing I ever did. Love It!

Linda M


I should have submitted this testimonial long ago. I have been a patient of Dr. Rogers since 2012. I have severe sleep apnea and was referred to him after struggling with a CPAP machine. I would sleep for 8 hours, wake up to drive less than 10 miles to work , and I was so tired that I would have to press down on the brake pedal as hard as I could while stopped at the traffic lights. My snoring was so bad that my husband would hear me when I was napping in our bedroom and he was in the garage below. We were hopeful about the oral appliance, but skeptical. I wore it the first night, slept through the night and never made a sound. My husband was so impressed that he gave Dr. Rogers a box of candy as a "thank you". I was afraid that the appliance would cause ulcers in my mouth, but I have never had a problem. I was recently fitted for my second appliance and it is as good as the first one. Dr. Rogers is very caring and professional. His office staff is friendly and I never have a long wait time when I arrive for an appointment. I used to sleep all weekend. Now, I rarely take a nap. This has truly changed my life. I wish I had known about Dr. Rogers years ago!

Sheryl M


I was grateful to be spared using the CPAP which made it was impossible to sleep. An oral appliance is so much easier to live with.

Linda K



Michael N


Love going to Pittsburgh Dental Sleep Medicine. My device is so much better than a c-pap. You won’t regret it!

Amy P


Great job. Been to both office and both doctors and staff are very kind.

Simone M


I was unable to tolerate a CPap machine and have been working with Dr. Rogers for over 10+ years. The device is easy to use and really works.

Cari C


Great dentist and best staff

Sally L


Very thorough and understanding my sleep apnea issue. Came up with a perfect solution for me. The oral appliance is so much better than a CPAP. Easy to work with. Thank you so much for creating a perfect solution.

Lois E