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Reno, NV , USA 89511

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278 Reviews






Jill Lyons, is phenomenal. She went above and beyond during the loan process. Thank you for all you do. Will certainly recommend her for business in the future. We’re very fortunate to have chosen her during this process. She made it easy and understandable.

Keisha Sewell


Jill and team were fantastic! We just finished our third loan and are already discussing a 4th. It is always a pleasure doing business with Jill!

Anthony Woodards


Great to work with, fast responses and helpful information.

Jayson Kubilis


I'm extremely impressed with this entire process. You guys have been great. I appreciate the ease and the help that was received when encountering any obstacles. In fact, I love this program so much that I have already shared it with many friends. I would also like to consider selling it since I'm in sales anyway. If that opportunity is available. I'm so excited to get this started. And I can hardly wait to get our home paid off. Thank you so very much. I have started the refinance process several times and each time they've been a nightmare. This entire experience has been nothing short of wonderful.

Ok Hemsath


Jill’s team has been consistently friendly, Professional accountable and deliverable. Good job done. thank you,

Sen Nieh


My experience with the CMG team was phenomenal! It was really easy to refinance my home. They were very open with the process, made sure i was comfortable every step of the way. Open to questions i may have had. Gave me timelines on when to expect certain processes to finish. I am an out of state customer and they were able to send me a mobile notary to sign and close my paperwork! Couldnt have been any easier.

Daniel Ponce


It was a pleasure to work with Jill and her capable team. Everyone was thorough and gave sufficient time for me to gather the required documents (there's a lot to dig up). I would highly recommend to any of my family and friends!

Christopher Santos


It was a pleasure working with Jill and her team throughout the entire process and various stages of the loan. Each step was clearly defined and everyone involved made the experience a great one. As always, thank you for considering the best offering that you have and the best fit for our family!

Carlos Zubiate


I was very satisfied with Jill and Joseph and everything they were able to do themselves. I was not satisfied with the back end. It seems nobody takes a logical view of the qualifications and the process. For instance I kept getting asked for meaningless statements about a hobby my wife has on ETSY and Amazon Marketplace. Anyone logically looking at our qualifications would immediately know we weren't using any of that income to pay the loan, that we had more than enough cash to pay for the house outright and not even need a loan, were putting 1/3 down so the loan to value was low and yet some of the process that was meaningless added to frustration and delay. The appraisal desk review was another one. The appraisal came in at 1.25M. The house had to appraise for only 850K to have an 80% loan to value yet everything was questioned causing several days delay requiring us to have to put in a second extension only to have the desk review also come up with the same 1.25M appraisal. So while I would recommend Jill and the communication was well above average, I don't know that I would recommend CMG Financial as a whole.

Jack Guydish


Jill Lyons and her Team communicated extremely well throughout the entire process. She was professional, efficient and thorough. We are more than pleased with our loan and would recommend CMG Financial and Jill Lyons as we look forward to working with her in the future. I had the assurance CMG had our best interests in mind and the results showed in the end. Thank you, Jill and your CMG Team!

David Lingle