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(512) 554-2682

9430 Research Blvd
Suite 200 Building IV
Austin, TX, United States 78759

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126 Reviews






So friendly, very easy to talk to, and always very quick to respond!

Dustin Wood


Adam and the CMG team did an outstanding job in helping us purchase our new home. They communicate well, respond to emails quickly, helped me navigate the home buying landscape better, and made the entire process as smooth and transparent as possible. I will gladly do business with CMG and Adam again!

Bruce Hara


Very pleased with the service!

Kaleena Felipe Smith


This process was stress free.

Matt Longoria


The process was easy and simple. No Surprises!

Matthew Campbell


Mr. Adam Welch was very professional and knowledgeable. I even learned about financials with him. The process was smooth and fast . We closed the refinancing process within 4 weeks. Definitely I will recommend Mr. Adam Welch.

Sylvia Buenfil


Adam and his team did an incredible job! I can't wait until the next one.

Geoffery Mayfield


This was my second time in 2 years that I’ve used Adam. He is a straight shooter and doesn’t BS. I’d like to say he doesn’t care about the money but he does. He cares enough to tell you when it’ll not be worth your money or when paying more for something won’t benefit you. So he does care about the money, your money and not wasting it. He kept me up to date and if there were any questions or issues, he and his team handled up. I’d highly recommend them for any buyers. I know I’ll be using them again!

Secundino Rodriguez


Adam and his team, especially Diane, did an outstanding job on each and every loan I’d closed with them. My loans are little complex, but this team was able to deliver every time!! I’m very pleased with the high quality of customer service and precision they provided. Great job Adam and Diane!!

Hassan Oukacha


Adam, Diane and the rest of the team were on point. It took longer than normal, but thru the process we accomplish our goal. Thank you guys for your patience, consistent follow up and communicating all the necessary steps to get to the finish line. Dell says...follow the process and success will happen. Thanks-Ruben N. Ray

Ruben Ray