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CMG Financial


103 Reviews

(615) 567-8872

810 Crescent Centre Drive
Suite 320
Franklin, TN, USA 37067

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103 Reviews






Excellent, professional job as always.

Sherry Smith


I called Eddie because of a reference. When we first talked, he listened and seemed to believe what i told him. After checking on what i had said, Eddie said it seemed he could work with me and try to put a package together. I told him the VA appraiser would undercut the appraisal, and when that happened, instead of stopping, Eddie believed what I had said earlier, and still worked out a package that would put my home under one mortgage. He took the extra step and that makes a person fill that they are a value . Thank you Eddie Cooke. Also Tiffany Lejeune communicated through her e-mails very well, and there was no problem there. I have not been able to open the e-mail from Janet Eich that has my Appraisal. No matter how i tried to open, the instructions were not there to follow. Again THANK YOUR team for their efforts.

David Lawler


Thank You to Eddie cook and his team !! They did a fantastic job for us

James Gonzalez


Smooth transaction, thank you.

Charles Brittain


Eddie was great to deal with! We had trouble with a few other lenders giving us the run around and trying to push us one way or another. Eddie was very patient, direct and told us what we needed to move forward. The process was ridiculously simple! The only regret I have is that I didn’t start this journey with Eddie and CMG! Would have saved me a lot of stress! Thank you Eddie

Anthony Murdock


It was an extremely informed and smooth process. It was like I was their only client!!

Clayton Nichols


Awesome service and knowledgeable staff!!

Stefani Gillam



Steven Klemm


Eddie did a GREAT job !!! I knew he would. So knowledgeable and professional and eager to make it easy for me. You are fortunate to have him.

Wanda Hiett


With the help of Mr. Cooke and his team at CMG Financial, we were able to refinance our home and change it to a 15 year mortgage. We are looking forward to paying off our home more than a decade earlier than we originally planned!

Chad Lester