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CMG Financial


103 Reviews

(615) 567-8872

810 Crescent Centre Drive
Suite 320
Franklin, TN, USA 37067

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103 Reviews






Eddie was great to work with! Extremely clear about the rates and what was needed from me and great communication throughout the entire process, not to mention we closed in just 3 weeks. I had already referred a friend to him before using his services myself. I will definitely use Eddie for all of my home financing needs in the future and I would recommend him to anyone.

Justin Redding


Our first home purchase couldn’t have gone smoother. If/when we purchase our second, we’ll return for that smooth ride with CMG Financial!

William Rosemann


Eddie was very knowledgeable and helpful walk me through this whole process. Would not have wanted anyone else.

Debra Frazier


Eddie and Jana were amazing throughout my whole process. Eddie to the responsibility of drafting my pre-approval letter when it was needed, he helped me lock in the best rate that made sense for my loan and he made several calls to a lender in Ohio that was bogging down the process just to see if he could help. Jana was great as well. we were supposed to move and had to reschedule which was a bummer and Jana called to just check in on us and encourage us to keep pressing on. This team was professional, strong communicators and i would definitely use them again personally and/or recommend them to a friend.

Robert Blankenship


Incredible experience throughout the entire process.

William Farless II


Real nice guy to work with. Stayed on top of all details and timelines. Excellent agent to contact

Thomas Kane


This was my first time buying a home and you hear stories from other people how the loan officer made them feel like crap. Dealing with Eddie it was not like that at all he is very easy to talk to and he does not make you feel like you are scared to ask questions or anything and is very helpful.

Sharon Dodson


I testified that Mr.Eddie is one of the kind with good experience and knowledgeable about his job but he need better assistance to help in order to make his job easier

Karwan Tovi


The only thing that frustrated us in this process was not knowing the closing total until so close to our closing date and not knowing we had to wire the money or get cashiers checks until 2 days before we closed. We have out of state banks so this proved difficult and was frustrating to have to deal with while working. Otherwise everything was very smooth and the staff was polite on both the credit and funding side and made it easy for us to get our loan at a fantastic rate and overall low closing costs.

Tyler Van Nuland


Eddie Coke and his team are highly professional and communicated clearly throughout the loan process to make it as easy as possible.

Paul Goodman