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727 Reviews






They was great on everything.they help me with things I didn't understand

James Greer


Philip and the whole team were friendly and courteous.

Wayne Reeves


CMG are the rock stars of the mortgage world. I was a special needs client and they found the right program for me and got me closed on my new house in record time. They are and will be my future mortgage specials!! Thanks CMG!!

Gary Loyd


Great experience working with CMG. Patient and helpful throughout the whole process.

David Gedman


I am very pleased with the CMG financial team! Brittanye is so engaging and patient with all of the many questions y’all may have. And so efficient! I would definitely recommend CMG financial to my friends and family!

Michael Olea


Carey Ann and her team were fantastic throughout the entire process. I was alerted and provided ample time to respond to any document or information requests. We were completed and ready for closing well over a week before the actual closing date. They truly walked me through the process and nothing was unexpected or cumbersome. I recommend their services to anyone looking to purchase a new home.

Justin Stephenson


Frankly, there were too many people trying to get things from me and it seemed like one person would tell me I was good and days later someone else would call or email they needed something, usually right away. I was selling and buying a house, closing both the same day, and it seemed like I was sending the same documents to six different people! I was so stressed out I finally just sat and had myself a good cry. We got it all done and for that I’m thankful, that’s why I only marked them down one star.

Tammy Perrone


I am a first time home buyer, and I had a difficult loan to work with. This amazing group of people helped me every step of the way! They answered all of my questions with patience, and there were a lot. They saw me through 4 months of searching, and 4 months of building. When it became apparent I was only going to be able to make my loan work on a new build. This team was quick to respond and when it was finally time to go to underwriting they hustled! I am now sitting in my first home, I worked so hard and so long to get here, and I couldn't of done without these folks. So if you get the chance to work with it!

Tanya Hesse


Very easy process. I felt supported and knew any question I had would be answered within an appropriate amount of time.

Eileen Neufeld


Shaun Hewitt went above and beyond to making sure everything went smoothly, he made the impossible work !!! Closed on my house in 3 weeks 😊👍, excellent with returning my calls , text and emails can’t thank him enough

Fedia Ghanim