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348 Reviews






I have worked with Ashley for over a decade and am proud to recommend her as my preferred Lender. As a Broker/Realtor I have dealt with many Lenders that represented Buyers on my Seller's listings. Ashley has always cross-qualified them to assure they could close, but her level of communication is unsurpassed. She has an extreme understanding of the home loan process and can anticipate what will be required from my Buyers before the loan is even pre-approved. That kind of knowledge is what sets Ashley apart. She sets expectations ahead of time for what can be a challenging process due to ever changing mortgage guidelines. Ashley is experienced, knowledgeable, quick, personable and can patiently navigate my clients through the buying process. I can always count on her to get the loan funded in record time, every time. Ashley also makes the escrow process easier for all parties involved, everyone is always excited to work with her.  I have so many happy homeowners and business associates because of Ashley! #teamwork

Nicole H.


Hazelton & Associates

I just wanted to express my deepest gratitude to CMG Financial and especially to Ashley Ortega for working with me and processing my refinance with such ease.  Ashley really helped relieve my fears and hesitations throughout the process with words of encouragement to just hang in there.  The whole thing was so quick and easy and I was so delighted with the refinance I got!! I can't thank Ashley enough for all her help and's completely changed my financial future!!  I'll highly recommend her to anyone I know who needs any type of mortgage help!  With gratitude!

Karol R.


I have worked with Ashley for most of my time in real estate. She never disappoints. I have often referred to her as "The Miracle Worker". She has taken on some very difficult situations with my buyers and has never, ever failed to get the deal done! My most recent buyer who used her was beyond happy and Ashley was able to close the deal in a record time. I have clients who work with her on refinancing multiple times! If you are looking for someone who promises the moon and indeed delivers it, and who is always direct and doesn't waste time sugar-coating things, someone who will work and communicate with the utmost of integrity, Ashley is your lender!  

Melissa C.


Big Block Realty

As a Realtor, I have been recommending Ashley Ortega to my clients for years.  We've done countless transactions together and Ashley has never failed to perform on her promises.  Over the years we have seen many curve balls that, with a different Loan Officer, could have easily caused my clients to miss out on their dream of purchasing a home.  Ashley knows her industry inside and out, she is immediately knowledgeable about any changes in lending guidelines and if there is a way to qualify a tough candidate, she knows the way every time.  I trust Ashley 100% and look forward to many more years of working together for the success of our clients.


Ashley is phenomenal to work with! I highly recommend her.

Leslie B.


Ashley was recommended to us when we were ready to refinance our home to a lower rate.  We had a few obstacles to complete the refinancing. Ashley walked us thru and was able to get us where we needed to be.  We used her again when we needed to do a remodel and needed cash out.   She is one in a million and I have recommended her to several of my friends. Love her attitude and a way of making it seem effortless.    

Valerie A.


Absolutely the best. I've worked with many. Ashley is by far the most responsive, hard working and reliable. Anyone working with her will not be disappointed.

Mitch O


Ashley Ortega is amazing! I feel like the luckiest buyer in the world to have stumbled across her. I am a Real Estate Agent, so I work with many lenders, and none come close to providing the level of support I have received from Ashley. Ashley understands that in this hot market -- minutes can matter. The first time I reached out to Ashley, I was in a tight spot attempting to put in a competitive offer over the weekend. Ashley took the time to respond to my emails and texts, and set-up my pre-approval to include in an offer package. She dedicated so much of her personal time to me. We refinanced a home in Washington State, put together offer packages on five properties in San Diego, and closed on one. I say personal time because I usually work on my transactions late in the evening, and Ashley ALWAYS responds within minutes. Sometimes I’ll get an auto-response from her on a holiday/vacation weekend, and she will STILL ALWAYS provides a timely answer herself. Her service goes beyond the convenience of always being available. She went the extra mile and took the time to help a friend of mine straighten out his credit by clearing out a few things annotated on his report he didn’t even know about. He wasn’t even a client at the time! In addition to that, Ashley has offered, on multiple occasions, to review my taxes to ensure I have the income (can’t write off too much!) to meet my home purchasing goals next year. Lastly, she helped me close a complicated loan (co-signers, sole-proprietor incomes....) in 21 days with Thanksgiving Holiday in the middle of the time-frame. Can’t beat that. I know she gets no compensation for this level of service, so it speaks volumes to the fact that she CARES about clients as opposed to simply doing a job and earning a paycheck. These examples are only scratching the surface of the amount of value Ashley brings to the table. I'll stop here to save your time. Because of these reasons and the many others, I am a customer for life, and will be confidently referring her every opportunity I get.

Derrick L.