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Coronado, CA, USA 92118

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725 Reviews






Where to begin??? Kory was introduced to us by our realtor who helped us sell our house 5 years ago. We contacted her to tell her we were relocating to NC and wanted to use Don's VA Loan. On a Saturday evening, Kory reached out to us and quickly gave us the rundown. We were blown away. For sure on a Saturday night, a young guy like Kory would be out on the town...we thought. Of course, we were wrong and there he was helping us get the ball rolling. He definitely knows his stuff, and is ready, willing and able to get 'er done! The entire process, from initial call, to signing up in the app, to communicating with the various team members, through closing was seamless, quick and pain-free. Oh, did we mention that Kory saved us a ton of money over another lender? In case you can't tell, we are BIG fans of Kory and his whole team!! Even before we closed, we started telling our veteran friends about Kory. And, as all good clients do, we made sure our realtor added Kory to her list of go-to lenders. Patrice & Don McKeefery

Donald McKeefery


Kory and his team provided us with amazing service during the process of obtaining a loan for our new home. Kory identified various loan options that could work for us and assisted us in selecting the loan with the most favorable terms for our situation. He and his team communicated regularly and frequently to keep us apprised of the loan status and were very responsive to our calls, text messages and email requests. We have utilized Kory for several re-fi’s and now this new home purchase. We are extremely satisfied with the outcome of this and all previous loans and will definitely work with him again in the future.



Kory was to the point, very realistic, and very nice. He was extremely knowledgeable about the market and was able to help us make the right choice in which loan we chose. We chose a VA loan, but the condo we wanted to purchase was not VA certified. Kory and his team was able to quickly get the building certified and we were able to close on our condo. I can’t thank Kory enough for returning my calls even when I requested late at night, as I was in a different time zone. The smoothest close I have ever had (my 8th mortgage/Refi) even with having to get building VA certified.



Kory was an excellent communicator and made the process very smooth.

Aaron Major


I am active duty Navy, and I did not expect to buy property when first being stationed to San Diego; however, after talking with Mr. Kory Kavanewsky and his team and network in Coronado, he walked me through the process and possibility of owning property. He and CMG were incredible professionals and experts, who patiently guided me through the process. He and his team successfully navigated the VA loan program to get my property approved in excellent timing and promptly responded to all my questions so that I was on time and well-informed for each milestone, both in buying and in the future. An absolute expert and professional - highly recommend, especially if you are military or anyone looking for a place to live!

Jonathan Yuen


Kory was great. A very seamless process. I would highly recommend!

James Potasky


Kory and his team get the job done!



I just closed on a home, one I never thought would be possible to have. Kory and team CMG ensured that it happened without stress and delays. It was the second time I used Kory as a loan officer and if there will be a time we buy again we will use him again. Kory provided us with a competitive rate but even better, an extension on the rate longer then any competitor without extra cost. My wife and I predicted the rate hike and extended beyond 6 months, a move that worked out perfectly because of Kory’s understanding and willingness to work with us. Also he did not rush us into any unfavorable decision and provided sound advise throughout the whole process. Perhaps the best quality that Kory and team CMG has are the relationships they’ve seen with veterans and knowledge of the VA system. We are forever grateful to Kory and will be the sole recommendation if anyone asks me which loan officer to go with.



Always helpful with answering my questions.



Kory and his his entire team were extremely helpful and were there when I texted or called. For my loan to be approved and closed with one month is truly amazing! Good job to Kory and his team!