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CMG Financial


77 Reviews

(925) 983-3089

3160 Crow Canyon Road
Suite 300
San Ramon , CA, United States 94538

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77 Reviews






David did a great job for us. He keeped us up to date and informed throughout the process . Bottom line, it was all good!

Paul, Hilda Hernandez


Dave and his team are the best!!

Kevin Rioux


I have rated the above based on actions to date but the final grade will be completed when I receive my first months check due to be mailed April 1st.



Dave was incredibowl



Dave was absolutely amazing. Everything Dave does is accurate and in a timely manner. I have referred Dave to almost 20 of my friends now with all of us saying the same thing. Whether you want to refinance or get a home loan, Dave is the number one guy in the Northbay. Thanks for your help Dave. You have helped me find my dream home !!!!

George R.


I am starting to lose count on how many times I've worked with David - but all I can say is... Every time, he works some magic and it works out in my favor.

Thanks again David!!

Andrew V


When my wife and I were looking for our new home, I wasn't sure who I'd ask for the loan.  In the past, I haven't been too excited about the loan officers I worked with on a purchase/refi, as they seemed very "salesy" or like they were in a rush and didn't want to make time for me.  I was recommended to David at CMG Mortgage by a co-worker who had glowing praise for him, so I decided to give him a call.  

Right from the start, David was friendly and professional and patient to answer all of my questions, even though I was probably a little demanding or seemed skeptical of the whole deal, based on my past experiences with loan officers.  He put me at ease through the stressful process and was very responsive.  He would tell us what information/documentation we'd need to make everything go smoothly.  Our home buying process was stretched out over about five months, with us putting several offers on houses before finally being accepted.  David was always reassuring and had some great ideas for us in a situation with an extended close of escrow so that we could be assured of the best rate possible. 

When we finally did get our offer accepted, everything went without a hitch.  Through the whole home buying process, David was in contact with our realtor to make sure that no ball got dropped.  He walked me through all the documents and even was able to be at our signing, which was an added bonus!  He was even able to explain a concept to the title company officer that no other loan officer had explained to her before, demonstrating again his level of expertise in his field.  

I'd definitely use David again for a purchase or refi and I can recommend him without hesitation!  If you're looking for a mortgage or refi, give him a call!

Jeff C.