Ashley Nguyen

Gardner Realtors


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One Causeway Place, 1119 N. Causeway Blvd., Suite 2
Mandeville, LA, 70471

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11 Reviews






Ashley, thank you for alwys being a constant source of info and support.  I don't know how you do it everyday because there is a lot of agents in the Mandeville offce, but you do it.  You were born to do what you're doing.  You're a natural-born leader and so good at it.  Thank you for all you do!  

Alexia McKinney


Ashley is an amazing manager and wants all of her agents to be successful! She works hard for all of us, and like a true leader, she makes sure we all understand the materials and training she provides on a weekly basis. She has inspired me from day one, and help me sow the seeds for success! By following her direction, she leads all of her agents on the road to a successful Career! I wouldn’t be where I am in my business without out her leadership and direction! I am so grateful to have her as my manager and good friend! Suzette Hubbell

Suzette Hubbell



In the short time that I have been with Gardner Realtors,, I have found Ashley to be approachable,, proactive,, and willing to help her agents succeed. By recruiting agents who share her ideals,, she has created a friendly and welcoming environment where agents collaborate with one another rather than compete against each other.

Allison Tujague


Ashley's teaching skills are wonderful! She's so tech savvy and great at marketing. She works well with agents of the office and make them feel like family. She is always there for support.

Stephanie Thomas


Ashley is so knowledgeable. I feel like any deal I may come across,, I have the backing of an experienced Leader that has knowledge about almost everything. The fact that anytime I text her,, she answers. It may not seem like a lot,, but it goes a long way.

Austin Reneau


Ashley is a Manager who set high standards for all of her agents to adhere. That in turn brings out the best in all of us. She a Manager of integrity,, great knowledge of the real estate market,, in particular New Orleans East and Lakeview. Sometimes it is hard and challenging in our business. But because of Ashley's determination,, managerial skills,, and never give up attitude,, she has encouraged me to beat the odds and be the best I can be. She's always available to listen and suggest ways of overcoming obstacles that could kill a deal. Her tech-savviness has help increase my business over 30% since 2008.

Jerome Winder


Ashley is very knowledgeable and committed to Gardner Realtors. She is a good Manger that constantly encourages all Realtors of the NO East office to strive to reach their potential. She has a great handle on technology,, and is always there to provide training or one-on-one training. Also,, Ashley often gives praises to any deserving agent that has done a good job or just to recognize other accomplishments. Lastly,, anyone can appreciate the human side of Ashley,, because she does not hide behind her authority of being a Manager. She is not afraid to just be Ashley.

Ernestine Sims


Ashley is awesome! I signed on in Nov. of last year and she walked me through the entire buying process,, and served as a motivational coach. She is available to assist me with transactions and always positive and knowledgeable. I am extremely grateful to have Ashley in my corner. Ashley rocks!!

Meghan Spears


Ashley always displays leadership and professionalism when dealing with all agents. She is very upbeat and positive. She has a true knack for inspiring her agents to do their best. She is extremely knowledgeable and offers solutions to situations in a very knowing manner. Ashley is a wonderful trainer as well,, always explaining so that everyone comprehends.

Valerie Barrileaux


Ashley comes to every meeting on Wednesday fully prepared with videos and speakers. She is a wiz at every tech tool we use. She also does not hesitate to extend one-on-one help session to anyone who asks and on any subject they request. She answers my questions by email or text at any time of day or night.

Robin Stewart