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21025 Catawba Ave #101
Cornelius, NC 28031

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19 Reviews






Laura DeFilippo is an outstanding realtor! She took our mother's old and decrepit home and in one week made it presentable to be listed. Laura had our mother's home under contract in under 10 days, under the contentious conditions of a strict time limit and other circumstances related to a probate. Most importantly, Laura sifting through the several dozens of offers we received to help us choose the strongest offer with necessary terms for our probate situation. If it were not for Laura's experience, expertise, professionalism, and hard work preparing the home and her knowledge of probate sales and the terms we needed in an offer, we would not have sold the home within the tight timeframe we had to work with - Laura’s experience and professionalism were critical to our success. Laura patiently held our hands, answered our endless questions, texts, and phone calls. Since Laura has a legal background, she was able to help us understand the complexities of our probate situation. Without Laura's expertise, an already time-sensitive and stressful situation would have been untenable and potentially a non-starter. Do yourself a favor and work with Laura DeFilippo - she always made decisions with our best interests at heart and she has the experience, expertise, skill sets, patience, and determination to start and finish the job. I cannot thank Laura enough. What a journey! Thank you, Laura, I appreciate all you did to sell our mother's home in record time and less than favorable conditions. ~ Brenda S.

Brenda S


We can't thank Laura enough for all her amazing work in helping us get our dream home. In this competitive market, we needed to be ready to act quickly on every potential opportunity, and thanks to Laura's energetic and tireless efforts, we were. From getting us connected to the right lender, to poring over disclosures, arranging additional inspections on a tight schedule, and skillfully negotiating the final deal, she was there for us at all hours and very often on extremely short notice. Every home buying experience is stressful, but we were able to stay confident and focused, knowing that Laura was on top of things every step of the process. We've worked with other excellent agents in the past, but you are truly outstanding, Laura. Your proactive approach and sincere dedication, combined with your legal background and well-honed negotiating skills, make you tough to match, and we're fortunate to have you as our agent. ~ Steve D. and Daniel W.

Steve v


I would highly recommend Laura DeFililppo! She was our agent and helped us buy a house we really love. She made a very stressful situation completely manageable by being very supportive throughout the whole process. She helped us understand when we really needed to make an offer, or when we were feeling pressured by the competitive market to make an offer on a home that was not right for us. She was immensely patient, and in no way pressured us to jump into something or to make an offer. There were a number of complicated situations that she helped us work through, from problematic titles to legal road access issues. She was also excellent at getting extensive background information about houses we were interested in, which was very helpful in assessing what moves we wanted to make in a fast-paced competitive market. There were complications just before closing that she handled perfectly, making sure that she protected us as her clients. She always responded to our questions and calls immediately, at any time of day or night, throughout the process, and she always made us feel that we were a major priority of hers. ~ John and Shannon M.

John o


Laura is an excellent Realtor! From the beginning we felt comfortable with her, and she listened and asked questions to understand exactly what our goals were. She was always available to us, and Laura even rolled up her sleeves to do whatever was needed to make our house look great before putting it on the market. Laura helped us buy a new house and sell our old house all in about 2 months. I would not hesitate for a second to recommend Laura to anyone. ~ Mark S. and Laurie D.

Mark r


This was my first time selling a home and I'm really glad I was referred to Laura! She was extremely thorough and went out of her way to answer all of my questions and ease any concerns that I had. Her fine eye for decorating and cleaning the place up was instrumental in helping me get well above list price for my home!​​ ~ Jon T.

Jon T


Laura is absolutely THE BEST professional we have ever worked with! She was amazingly attentive to our needs as far as scheduling to look at houses, searching for homes that suited our family, and even helped with moving in and preparing the new home. She always offered quick responses to our emails and calls, scheduled to see homes as soon as we asked, and stayed up late to search for new homes with features we asked for. I was pregnant with our second child while searching for our new home. Laura made sure to help us find an amazing home, close on the house, move in and update the new home all before the arrival of the baby. We really felt like she was our advocate as she reviewed the paperwork when purchasing the home and advised us on what was in our family's best interests. After closing, she helped put us in contact with movers and flooring installers who we had great experiences with as well. She even took me around and helped research to make sure I was getting the most competitive quote on wood flooring. Laura goes the extra mile to offer assistance in any way possible throughout the entire process of searching and purchasing a new home. Myself and my family are so appreciative for everything she has done for us! ~ Georgia and Pasquale F.

Georgia r


Originally, we were using a realtor that was suggested to us by a family friend... it was our first attempt at buying a house and the experience was less than pleasant. After three months of searching we were close to giving up. It was then that I met Laura at an open houses and it was "love at first sight." She is truly a magical woman. We were on a tight schedule to find our first home. Laura did an incredible job in helping us find a perfect one within the time frame we provided her (and when I say tight, I mean ONE month). She was always on top of her game! She held our hands through every step of the process (open houses, lenders, contractors, etc.) and patiently answered every question we asked her (and we asked a lot of questions!). Now we have our dream house and I seriously cannot thank her enough. She is amazing! ~ Genia and Vik T.

Genia n


We were referred by our attorney to Laura for the sale of our family's home. Laura took on a challenging sale and exceeded our expectations on every level. She is extremely hard working. She met every deadline and was 1000% reliable. She was direct, clear and extremely honest about every step of the process. She knows the legal aspects of real estate and was able to apply that knowledge to our advantage. Her passion for real estate and excellent customer service are obvious from the minute you meet her. She is very smart and strategic which resulted in maximizing our sale price (we got $150,000 over asking price). She did her job and made our end of the transaction as easy as possible - we are busy and really appreciated that. And if all this isn't enough, Laura's a super nice and kind person and a lot of fun. If all this makes her sound like the best realtor on the planet, that would be how we would describe her. I seriously recommend Laura for any real estate transaction. ~ Floyd V.

Floyd V


Dear Laura, Thank you for all of your hard work & all of your expert advice with respect to the real estate market. You always make me feel so much better after I talk with you. I was really touched by your offer to have me fly out to California to sort through my sister's belongings before selling her house - all the more reason to love you even more. Also, thank you so much for taking and sending me the pictures, and for packing and lugging everything to be shipped. You truly do go over & above what you, as a real estate agent, have to do. That is why I love you, Laura. You are the tops! Thank you. ~ Elizabeth B. 

Elizabeth B


I totally appreciate everything you have done - thank you, Laura! You worked hard for your commission - you totally deserve it. You're wonderful, you're diligent, you're kind, you're hard-working, you're smart. You played this perfectly, and I'm super, super grateful! ~ Brian B.

Brian B