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15 Reviews






Being Happy and Healthy is what it's all about! The better I feel the happier I am. The happier I am the more I have to give and share with others! Meeting Marc and Danielle was a god send to me! They introduced me to a lifestyle that was missing in my everyday routine. I love the way I feel on Isagenix. My energy levels are where they need to be now and I can work 10 hours a day after opening my own fitness studio and still feel awesome! I have the energy and stamina to go all day long and still go home and make dinner and spend time with my 6 year old daughter!! I have lost some inches and pounds which is so great because I love to feel lean and fit. But the most important thing is how I truly feel because that energy projects onto everyone I meet! And being happy and sharing that with others is the love of life!!!

Lisa Daniel


Barre Fusion

Amazing! That’s how I describe Marc and Danielle. I have always been athletic and a healthy eater but despite that there seemed to be something missing, as I grew older and continued to participate in athletic activities. Almost 9 months ago, in my quest to address my personal nutrition challenges I was introduced to Danielle. Her ability to speak about nutrition and the benefits of cellular cleansing was striking. I began using the Isagenix products she recommended and since then I am happy to share that my personal physician gave me the best health report card ever in my life at the age of 57. Marc and Danielle are roles models that clearly demonstrate responsible entrepreneurship as they help others improve their lives in mind, body and spirit. I always welcome the opportunity to bask in their light and you should too. My advise to everyone is “Find a way to make these two and what they do a part of your life”. Thank you Marc and Danielle!

William Isona


In 1980, my father had his first of five heart attacks. I was in first grade. He was the kind of guy who made you smile as soon as you saw him and because he was sick, he was grateful for every single moment and made you feel very special. We watched all the old musicals on tv together. He instilled a love of dance in Me that I will have forever. I've been teaching kids to dance now for 17 years and not a day goes by that I don't think about how proud my father would be. I am determined to be here for my own son for as long as he needs me. Good health, clean, healthy eating is where it's at and after meeting spark plug Danielle Russo Slugh three years ago I knew I was on the right track. Eating Isagenix regularly gives me confidence that I will have a strong foundation to offer my son. Life is short! Why not live it with enthusiasm? Danielle and her sweet husband Marc are great leaders of health and vitality. They inspire me.



Allegro Dance Studios LLC

Danielle and Marc have been long time friends of mine. I worked alongside Danielle at our former network marketing business and always felt a connection with her because of her infectious positive attitude, radiant smile, quiet and steady strength and her incredible perserverence. We also shared a belief in personal development, positive thinking and a fierce work ethic. Danielle is just the kind of person that I would follow anywhere. So, naturally, when she shared Isagenix with me as a Wealth Creation vehicle as well as a solution to get rid of my stubborn last 10 lbs., I didn't question it, I just trusted and followed her. Here I am, nearly 4 years later, healthier and more fit than ever with more energy than I had in my 20's, and grateful, every single day, for what this additional income has done for me and my family. We are all on a path to phenomenal health and to true freedom - which, for me, means having choices. Danielle, as I've said before, a million thanks would never be enough! Love you!!

Lori Lennon


Who has enough time and energy to get everything done in the day? Along with being a mom, and wife, I am a doctor who owns and operates a very successful dental practice. I am all about prevention and health in my life and practice, yet I was becoming more and more tired. I began the 30-day cleanse on a Wednesday and noticed that I began to feel better right away. The most amazing thing was the following Wednesday, after working late Monday and Tuesday night, I got home from work and had so much energy! I am usually mentally and physically exhausted by then, but I kept going and felt amazing! By week three, I had lost 5 lbs and can see body definition changes. Big shout out to Danielle Russo Slugh and Isagenix. :)

Dr. LouAnn Van Liew


Owner of All About Smiles Dentistry, LLC

I was never an athlete. I don't have any time at all. I am competitive but that was reserved for video games like Madden most of my life. 8 years ago, I met one of the strongest all around females on earth and married her. Her lifestyle was that of clean eating and being active. That hasn't taken away from the fact that I am a business guy and log 50,000 Miles per year in the car for the last ten years. I was 185 pounds 3 years ago. I work out less now than I ever have because I am so busy, but I look my best at 164 (as a dad of a 3 year old) because of our fitness system and the organic, non-gmo nutritional wellness formulas that both myself and some of the best athletes on earth use. I'm getting younger every day. I'm taking preventative measures because I want to see my daughter's kids get married and run around with them. Everyone reinvents themselves when tragedy hits or disease closes in. I want to live now. I gave a 4 star review simply because I'm optimistic that this phenomenal company is going to get even better and be absolutely perfect at some point. I'm leaving them a little room!

Thomas Ascough


PLYOGA Fitness & Marketing Sales Management

I have had an amazing experience with Isagenix. I absolutely love the products as far as taste, quality, and what they do for the body that nothing else can give us!! As an avid exerciser, athlete, and creator of PLYOGA, I am constantly pushing my body to its limits and need the best nutrition to help fuel it! I can't say enough great things about Isagenix. I love having the products in my house for my whole family and having the security to know that when my daughter has an IsaLean shake with Isagenix Greens, she has just gotten a fully nutritious meal with all the essential nutrients her body needs as a young toddler who craves nothing but bread and cheese most of the time. Isagenix has also provided me with an amazing business opportunity to couple with my fitness business and offer to all the fitness professionals I come in contact with that need the best stuff!

Stephanie Lauren


PLYOGA Fitness, Creator & Owner

Danielle has been an amazing coach both personally and professionally. Through her and Marc's inspiration, motivation and straight forward guidance, I have changed the direction of my personal health. By taking my health to the next level, my husband and son have naturally followed my footsteps. Isagenix has been an incredible gift to us financially as well (nothing like earning thousands of dollars for being healthy)! Danielle keeps me reaching goals and moving towards new goals so that I may be the best version of myself. She is the REAL thing! -Elizabeth B. B.

Elizabeth Burke Beaty


Owner, Life You Want Coaching

When I first started using Isagenix I was in the middle of a very long divorce and had become a single mom of three young children under six, overnight! To say the least, I was exhausted! First thing I noticed once I began the product was that my energy levels had shifted; I was able to function, care for my children on my own, and accomplish what needed to be done as a single mom working full-time. I then began to release some of the weight that I had been holding on to through that long and stressful time of my life. Now this journey I am on has transformed my life. I call my weight loss journey "in the process" because it is more a marathon than a sprint, and I am in the process of getting to where I want to be as a healthy mom and entrepreneur.

Deana C


Registered Dietitan Nutrutionist, Cleansing Coach

Marc and Danielle Slugh are major motivators, movers and shakers. I need guidance and motivation often and these two certainly deliver with consistency and a passion for helping people! Keeping me on track with my dreams and ambitions. Knowledgeable, vibrant, energetic they possess a beautiful energy and are driven to help. It is breathtaking to think back on the gems I have been given, some I didnt quite get at the time then being blessed with the light-bulb moment of the guidance I had received. I love Marc and Danielle, their dedication and look forward to continuing our friendship.

Patricia Budge


Manager and business builder.