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13750 San Pedro Ave
Suite 470
San Antonio, TX, USA 78232

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12 Reviews






When you think of what great customer service is, customers tend to think of companies or brand such as Chick-fil-A, four seasons hotel and resorts, to name a few. When you experience the level of professionalism, individual attention, and courtesy that I experienced with CMG, it redefines customer service. I was blessed to work with Shaun Pinney and those that work with him and I couldn’t be happier as a client and a customer. One of the biggest things that creates trust in any relationship is solid communication and from the very beginning up to the afternoon that I closed on my home, I was communicated to. My fiancé and I look forward to a beautiful future in our brand new home and would gladly recommend CMG Services to any friend or family member looking for an All-Star team! We extend our sincerest thanks for making this possible.

Alfred Voegtle


Shaun and his team went above and beyond for us. Shaun never gave up on us even after a few hiccups. Definitely recommend!!!

Edith Rangel


Clarity and concise and on top of that Sean is very knowledgeable in the mortgage program.

Jesse Patterson


Shaun and his team were absolutely top notch! The pre-approval process was smooth and the mobile app showed me exactly what I needed to get to them. Then, he communicated exactly where we were during the transaction, as well as what I needed to do for him to keep the ball moving forward. Finally, Shaun helped me get creative near the closing date to help me close the deal, all the while keeping more money in my pocket.

Crit Williams


Working with Shaun is always a pleasure. He is knowledgeable and communicates well with all parties. He is on top of every step along the way. This is the 2nd transaction I've done with Shaun and I look forward to working with him again in the future. I highly recommend working with him!

Zachary Trayner


I am incredibly grateful to CMG Financial and to my loan officer Shaun Pinney for swooping in and saving me from a nightmare of a mortgage lender. I was originally working with another mortgage lender and loan officer and initially everything seemed fine. As we got deeper into the process things changed, my loan officer told me I was going to need to bring more money to close on the house then originally anticipated. I asked for an estimate of what my mortgage would be if I made an offer on a certain house (as I wanted to ensure that my mortgage would fit into my budget). The loan officer provided an estimate that fit into my budget and assured me that if for some reason it was higher we could bring down the interest rate to get it there, but he failed to explain what that meant. I trusted him and made an offer on the house I wanted, and the sellers accepted my offer. We immediately got started on the underwriting process. That’s when things started going downhill. I was told that my mortgage was going to be about $200 more than I was comfortable paying. When I spoke to my loan officer about this he said we could buy down the interest rate to get closer to my ideal number for the mortgage. He informed me that to get to a mortgage within my budget we would need to buy the interest rate down 2.5% which would total to approx $6K 😳. I wasn’t sure how my budget would allow me to bring an extra $6k to the table but as this seemed like the only way to move forward I reluctantly agreed. After a while I was contacted by the loan processor who stated I would mostly be working with her to get the loan approved from that point on. I had many questions during this time and she was consistently unable to answer them, at some points telling me she wasn’t sure what this fee or that fee was and that I would need to call the loan officer and ask him. Through all this she continued to push me to sign the contract unexplained 🤦🏻‍♀️. When we were 10 days out from closing on the house the total amount that I was asked to bring as cash to close had grown to approximately $30k 😳😳😳! I didn’t feel comfortable closing with this company as my mortgage lender and asked a friend for a second opinion. He referred me to Shaun Pinney, and boy am I glad he did! From the moment I contacted Shaun he was friendly, very informative, trustworthy, and most importantly non-coercive. He took a look at what the other mortgage company was offering me and was relatively shocked by their numbers. Remember, at this point I was TEN DAYS out from closing, a process that normally can take upwards of 30 days. He didn’t pressure me to change companies but did assure me if I did they would be happy to have my business and would treat me with respect, honesty, and support. He told me he believed that they could do better and gave me a rough estimate of about half the cost of cash that I would have to bring to the table at closing. The risky thing was that I had to start the under writing process all over and had to hope they could get it done in less than 10 days. At that point, I was so uncomfortable with the other lender that I would have rather lost the house and my earnest money, and not closed than to have closed with them. So I rolled the dice and trusted that Shaun and his team would do everything in their power to get this done in less than 10 days. Shaun was in constant communication with me from day one to day 10 (and even after closing) and took the time to explain all the documents and language within them. Two days before I was set to close I got the great news that the loan was approved and I was clear to close. On top of that, the cash to close was even less than he had estimated. I only had to bring a little over $9K for my cash to close amount!!! I was in disbelief, from 30k to 9k, talk about getting your eyes 👀 poked out! I cannot tell you how grateful I am for having Shaun and his team help me through this process and how glad I am to have my mortgage with them!

Bethany Ramirez


Sean, Was always responsive, easy to contact, and took the time to explain the process of our loan, every step of the way.

Sonny Lara


Shaun was great to work with! Professional and willing to assist whenever and wherever possible. He made the process smooth and has such a pleasant attitude. He’s extremely knowledgeable and gives you the information you need for your particular situation. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Raul Salcido


Great experience

Rebecca Kalifa


Great experience working with Shaun. He is super knowledgeable and has excellent customer service/communication skills. Walks you step by step through the whole home buying process. 10/10 stars.

Jessica Sanchez