Joseph Small

Guild Mortgage Company


75 Reviews

(520) 303-5620

1825 E. River Rd.
Suite 201
Tucson, AZ, 85718

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75 Reviews






Joseph is a great person to work with. I highly recommend him.

Ugo P


Kathy Taylor processed purchase

Elma D


Very caring person , very straightforward with his customers does not recommend if not warrant. Always looks out for his customers

Richard P


The entire team and process made was terrific. From the time we placed our offer until closing (20 days) everyone helped us get through a very quick closing with no problems. It was easy providing our documents to their website and questions were answered in a day or less but usually within a couple of hours. I’d highly recommended them for processing your mortgage.

Jeremy M


Excellent in every way possible. !!! Very helpful and great loan officers. If I could give more than 5 stars I would!!

Miguel C


Joe and his team where very polite, professional and informative. I will recommend Joe Small and his team to everyone I know. They are the best!

Anthony V


Tierra Antigua

Thank you for an excellent work!

Beatriz B


I had worked with Joe, Kathy, and their team on a professional level, as a new home sales representative, many times in the past, and they had always "done right by" my home buyers. So naturally when I was looking to re-finance my existing home, and purchase a 2nd, I knew Joe would be my first choice. And I definitely do not regret it. Applying for loans, buying a house, it can be such a stressful experience, and a lot of times the lenders add to that stress. This is not the case with Joe & his team. They took my applications, and got the ball rolling with lightening speed, gave me a GREAT deal, and most of all, were there for me when I had ANY questions or concerns, and were able to guide me through this process with smiles and laughter. How many people can say that about their lender???

Dani S


My first contact with Guild Mortgage was through Joe Small. He was most encouraging regarding my qualifications to receive a mortgage for my Tucson, AZ town home. I had been very discouraged about even trying to purchase another home until I talked to Joe. He was highly knowledgeable and clear and accurate in his communication with me. He followed up energetically when my loan development was assigned to Ana Cruz. He frequently met with Ana and I to clarify any issues or questions as the loan process progressed. Without Joe, I would not have gotten my new home!! He made the dream a reality!

Amy V


Retired Worked for 20 years with Lockheed Missiles and Space Corp.