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1921 Whittlesey Rd.
Suite 100
Columbus, GA, United States 31904

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104 Reviews






As a first time homebuyer, I had a lot of questions and needed a lot of guidance through this process. Michele was patient with me and kept me on track, making sure I had all the documents and information needed to be successful. She made the process very smooth for me, and explained where we were in the process and why each requested item was necessary. It was an overall great experience working with Michele, and I would recommend her to anyone!

Hayley Anderson


Michele was fantastic to work with! I am a first time home buyer and never felt like there was a question I could not ask her. She was great about explaining things in a way that made since and I did not feel stupid for asking! Everything was done very quickly and always received a update or answer to my question.

Leah Rose


Great experience with Michelle!

Miguel moran


Main thing was she was reachable. If my wife or I had any questions, she was available to answer our questions and give us advice on what to do next. She also adapted the loan to what we wanted and what was best for us. Thank you,

Mark Bell


Very easy process made easier by the communications that Michele O'Neil facilitated. Very knowledgeable and very helpful throughout the entire process.

Brad Ramey


Michelle showed a great deal of care during the entirety of the loan process. From the time I was pre-approved all the way to closing her communication was concise and professional.

Kenneth Schrader


Michele was amazing. Great communication skills and people friendly. I would recommend her anytime.

Luis Marrero


I can’t express how happy I am to have had the pleasure of working with Michele. Michele was very patient and with us every step of the way. No question unanswered!

Asia Thomas


From the beginning of the process, Michele was friendly, knowledgeable, and prompt with communication and processing the loan information. I would absolutely seek to work with her again. Kristina was equally as helpful and supportive throughout the process. My experience with CMG was seamless , professional, and appreciated.

Jennifer Bohannon


Michele was great! Communication was fast, consistent, and clear. I highly recommend Michele as she was dependable and honest also.

Ayanna Dorsey