Brett Holland

CMG Financial


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6355 Fairgrounds Avenue
Suite 200
Windsor, CO, United States 80550

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25 Reviews






Overall, the experience was great. The only concern (and this goes for all loan companies), is the amount of communications that don't mean anything that were sent. I get needing to send an initial loan estimate sheet, but it seems like there were a ton. I would like one initial loan sheet and then a final loan cost sheet. Also, emails from your company come from many different sources during this process. That got a little confusing as well.

Tyler Jewell


Brett worked tirelessly to ensure 110 % customer satisfaction. Communication was exceptional and the loan process went very smoothly. I will without doubt recommend Brett and his team to others.

James Hathaway


Brett did an amazing job, always made himself available to answer any questions and explain everything that needed to happen. The process was very easy to go through. Not having to go through the process for several years I was worried that it was going to be tough, but it was a pleasant experience. I would recommend Brett and CMG Financial for anyone needing their services.

Jennifer Hodges


Brett was good working with my son Jim. Yesterday I went to use my dishwasher and no water came out and I had run a load of dishes through. Luckily a friend was visiting and looked under the sink and the water valve was off. This was frustrating with all the other stresses of moving. Maybe this could be mentioned to Landmark.

Marcia Campion


From the start, we had an excellent experience with Brett Holland, Satchel Caldwell, and the team at CMG Financial. We contacted Brett because he was one of our builder's preferred lenders. We understand why. Brett was friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. He answered all of our questions clearly and directly. While we contacted several lenders, ultimately we chose Brett because he consistently followed up with us, checking to see how he could help us. He made the home mortgage process clearer and less stressful. We did not have any surprises at closing, and we are very happy in our new home. We highly recommend Brett, Satchel, and the CMG Financial team.

Pam and Ken Coke


Very pleased with Brett and his team on all aspects of the loan process!

Roger Bath


My experience with CMG was very positive overall. Brett communicated quickly to my emails. The only issue I have which unfortunately colors my rating is the fact that he did not verbally explain to me during a phone conversation when I locked in, that we were paying $2k+in points. Yes it was on the estimate page, but I had seen many estimates over the many months and did not see it. My realtor saw it and asked if I was aware I was paying points.

Barbara Czarnik Jaskolski


I wouldn't want to go through this venture with anybody else! Cory Bovee

Cory Bovee


Working with Brett was a great experience, everything went seamlessly and let us know what was happening at each step, would recommend to others

Chad Weber


Great job. Everything went smoothly.

Donald Sullivan