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CMG Financial


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(727) 755-1003

3820 Northdale Blvd
Suite 312 B
Tampa, FL, United States 33624

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13 Reviews







Robert Bulick


Ron was a pleasure to work with in setting up the All-in-One loan on our rental property. He was very responsive to all of our questions and concerns, and made sure that we felt comfortable with every step of the process. We are totally satisfied with his experience, sincerity, concern for us, and his professionalism. Thank you Ron!

Larry Yonashiro


Ron did a great job answering my questions along the way. He always responded in a timely manner which was appreciated.

Scott Brunner


My wife and I truly thank you Ron and his entire CMG team for their time, patience, and the unrelenting support that they provided for us throughout the entire process of securing this loan. There was a point in time when we weren't sure if this day would come. After being turned down twice, for a credit score that was just shy of the approval score, Ron and his team encouraged us not to give up and keep pushing to make the necessary improvements to qualify for the loan.....because it would be worth the effort. Armed with your encouragement, we set out and found ways to improve my score within a few weeks after our second denial for the loan. Upon notification, Ron and his team immediately put us ahead of the long line applying and awaiting approval of this life changing loan. We will be forever grateful for his kindness and compassion in that respect. Ron and his team also paved a way and showed us how we will be debt free in a short period of time by using every dollar we earn. The CMG simulation tool is was very powerful in demonstrating and showing us our personalized path to a debt-free life. My wife and I received our checks today after a long and grueling process due my original credit score coming in at the beginning. All we can say is that it was well worth the wait and, we are super excited about paying off our existing loans and the future prospect of truly becoming debt-free. Thanks again to Ron and his team for all they have done to assist us in realistically striving towards our life-long goal. We proudly consider ourselves a part of the CMG Team for life. We truly appreciate the excellent service rendered by the entire CMG team. Thanks again for all the support and great advice along the way.

Tony L. Perry and Selima C. Porter-Perry


Ron was great to work with! His product knowledge and enthusiasm helped me decide the all in one was right for me.

Terry Boise


Ron went above and beyond with everything regarding our home purchase.

Adam Phillips


Very efficient operation, glad i stumbled across Ron's name is a podcast.

Mark Zehring


Ron, was there every step of the way guiding us through the process. We know what to expect thanks to Ron's insight and follow through. Thank You Ron.

Anthony Nunez


We worked with Ron Bork for an All-in-one home loan. Ron was very generous with his time. He explained all the ins and out of this type of loan and patient with me and all my questions. Thank you Ron.

Diana Srdich


Ron has been exceptionally helpful in explaining and assisting me to get All-In-On loan. He has thoroughly explained and educated me about it over and over again and he was never bothered with thousands of questions I had with. Despite that I live in CA and Ron is in Florida, he and his team members never disappointed me in the process of escrow. Deanne, Joe and Ron answered and replied back almost always instantly and to me, being responsive to a customer is #1 thing I look for when it comes to business. Ron and his team were very professional and guided me smoothly until my escrow ended during busy holiday. Thank you for your help and will come back to you for any future purchases.