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CMG Financial


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(727) 755-1003

3820 Northdale Blvd
Suite 312 B
Tampa, FL, United States 33624

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24 Reviews






Ron and his team made the process easy to follow. They were easily contacted when we had questions. I have several friends that are really curious to see how this mortgage works for us. It just seems to “TOO GOOD” to believe. We hope we can convince them to take advantage of this unique opportunity. Thanks CMG!

Gregory Spencer


Ron is great! Him and the whole team were friendly, responsive and thorough, would totally recommend.

Ariadne Bender


Not sure if it was because of covid- 19 and everything we have going on in this country today, but it was in extensive amount of documentation they needed for this loan. I almost gave up a few times because of the extent of what was required.

Todd Danicek


We were introduced to Ron Bork from a course in which Ron was an instructor for the Banking Mastery session. Ron is extremely knowledgeable in the banking industry, the loan process and currently specialized in the All-In-One Loan (AIOLoan). Ron took us with both arms. He enhanced our knowledge about the AIOLoan. Ron guided us through the complete loan process to obtain our very 1st AIOLoan that consolidated other debts. Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, the AIOLoan process took a little longer but we careless. This is because Ron has always been there with us and for us. We learned so much from Ron and now are looking forward in getting out of our mortgage debt so much sooner than traditional amortization mortgage. You are GREAT & THANKS a millions Ron, Quang & Hannah

Quang & Hannah


Ron was a huge help for us in our loan process. He was on top of what documents were needed and when. He communicated with our realtor to keep him informed as well. Ron answered any questions we had and helped us understand what was needed and why. He worked hard to make sure our loan was processed for us to close on time. Would recommend to anybody.

Kim L


Ron was exceptional through the entire process. He provided clear, timely and concise communication. He was always accommodating with all of my questions, inquiries and concerns, never getting frustrated or impatient. He was a helpful resource and would highly recommend him. Thanks Ron!

Eric Benting


Ron was very helpful keeping me informed during the entire process of the AIO loan. All questions or concerns were quickly and easily answered. No hesitations recommending him.

John Witte


Ron was very helpful and friendly when it came to navigating the process of the All-In-One mortgage. He was always a quick phone call or email away when questions or concerns came up. Even in these uncertain times of 2020, he was still rational and optimistic. I have no hesitations recommending him.

John Witte


This is the second time I have used Ron Bork. I found him when he still worked at TIAA/ Everbank. I head about the AIO product gave him a call because I knew how knowledgable and honest he was about the entire HELOC process, low and behold he was now working for CMGFI and offering the exact product I was working on. Probably the best customer experience I have ever had in the financial sector. We have had multiple conversations extending past an hour. Not selling a product but going back and forth about strategies on how to maximize the concept. Ron has already closed on two products from my friend based on my recommendations to give Ron a call. We look forward to paying off this HELOC quick safe and efficient to then look towards investing. I am so happy to have found this concept in my 20's. Looking forward to the added user-friendly benefits CMGFI is able to provide.

Ryan Mulligan


Ron has handled the mortgage for the past two home purchases I have made. He and his team do a fantastic job of understanding your needs and communicating effectively throughout the process. I highly recommend them.

Jerry Harrison