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7934 Maple St.
New Orleans, LA, 70118

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Monika McKay was a total delight to work with for our recent home search. Her professionalism and make it happen attitude was perfect for us. Monika’s knowledge and understanding of the New Orleans housing and real estate market was so extremely beneficial as I had been living out of state for a couple of decades. Monika came very highly recommended from a family member and she did not disappoint! Thank you Monika for a job well done!!

Mamie Thomas


If there were more stars I would add them to the rating. Monika is off the charts in my book!!!!. Monika guided my wife and I thru the purchase of our new 2nd home in New Orleans LA. I am very pleased with Monika's professionalism, work ethic, and knowledge in the New Orleans real estate market. If you are reading this feedback and need a real estate agent, CALL Monika NOW.....

Don Thomas


Fat Beats Percussion

Monika was incredibly helpful to my son who was looking for housing in the area around Tulane University. She was prompt, efficient and her follow-up was excellent. In addition, she met my son during a visit to NOLA and showed him multiple properties that were well suited to his needs. She communicated with me long distance numerous times before and after his visit. She was professional, but also fun and engaging. Her opinions on housing were much appreciated. I highly recommend Monika and she did an excellent job.

Ann Canon


The service that Mrs. McKay provided during my relocation was exemplary and beyond my expectations. She was thorough in her discovery phase to be capable to capture my desires. She was my eyes here in New Orleans while I was still out of state. I was pleased with the locations she located for me and I am pleased with my residence. She has earned a repeat customer.

Dr. T. Powell


CEO, FDL Medical Consultants

Monika Mckay O’Connor provided great service and support to my husband and I when we were deciding between selling our property or using it as income property. She was quick, straightforward, and honest with us. We asked her to run comps for homes so that we could weigh our options and make an informed decision and she did that and more. We would highly recommend her services to anyone looking to buy, sell, or rent their home. Thanks Monika!

Lee and La’Keidra Mitchell



Monika McKay did a wonderful job assisting us with finding the perfect property and kept us informed in every step of the process. I have no doubt that we would have been back in NOLA signing closing documents if we weren't dealing with unreasonable seller's. By us living out of state Ms. McKay went above and beyond to be our eyes and ears and we trusted her to do so. Ms. McKay I just want to thank you for making my wife and I feel as if we were your only clients.

Alan Simmons


Monika is knowledgeable about New Orleans neighborhoods and lends color and history in a way that only a native can. She is honest and direct and will not steer your wrong. Her experience in housing development gives her a unique edge in understanding when a neighborhood is ready for investment. She is my realtor for life!

Jessica Venegas


Community Solutions

In 2012 Monika showed me how a house for which I had no vision could be a profitable purchase. After about 6-months, she convinced me to take another look at the property. I still didn’t see her vision, but I decided to take her detailed advice and bought the house in 2013. \r\n\r\nI followed Monika’s suggested renovation plan and a few months later married her. In 2019, the house has appreciated to twice its 2013 value. \r\n\r\nI didn’t see that coming, but I’m winning! I have the best house, the best agent and the best spouse.🙂😎

Karl J Connor JD, LL.M.


Monika was an absolute pleasure to work with right from our first phone call all the way to helping me find the perfect home in New Orleans. I had never visited the city before, and Monika took the time to show me various parts of the city to find the area that would work the best for me. She even took me to one of her favourite bakeries across the street from a potential apartment so I could try my first slice of King Cake! She stayed on top of the entire process, ensuring we got to see as many places as possible in a short period of time and eventually finding me my dream apartment. She followed up on every step of the process afterwards, including conducting walk-throughs, helping me with proper documentation and explaining all processes to me. Not only was she diligent, she was passionate, and seemed just as invested as me in making sure I felt happy at home. Working with Monika made a world of difference in getting settled in to a new city. Thank you Monika!

Alison Mey


Burger King Corporation