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118 Pleasant Street
Portsmouth, NH, United States 03801

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344 Reviews






AJ and his team did a fantastic job working with us on obtaining our first home loan. The communication was top notch, they were always available to answer any questions no matter the time of day or day of week. It was a very transparent process, and we were provided with clear, thorough steps to follow. They made the experience quick and painless.

Julie Luskin


From pre approval to close today, the process was easy. All communication was by email or phone, including the signing of documents. The closing statement was the easiest to understand of all my previous home purchases. You can’t go wrong with AJ Lane. His staff was very professional and friendly and knowledgeable of all facets of the mortgage.

Holly Smith


AJ and his team are extremely professional and straightforward. They make the whole process easy. Can’t say enough good things about them. They are great!

Jeffrey Loring


AJ and his team were very professional. This has to be the most streamlined and easy home purchase we have made. His group has great communication skills. They are very clear and concise with their communications. I never had to wait to speak to a member of the group. All replies to emails and phone calls were handled promptly. Thank you for your help. I will definitely call upon his team for future purchases.

Timothy Lacy


AJ Lane and his team at CMG Financial helped us throughout the home buying process. Even though we had to pull out of 2 purchases due to discoveries about the homes later in the process, they stuck with us. Third time was the charm, and AJ Lane and his team helped us finally close on a home. We appreciate all the guidance and encouragement as well.

Yvette Crapo


Working with AJ and his team has been a pleasure. They communication is outstanding. Either AJ himself or a member of the team replied quickly to all phone calls and emails. They moved the mortgage process along quickly and as painlessly as possible. We appreciate all the assistance in the stressful time of buying a home and we would use CMG again in the future. Highly recommended.

Glenn Bickelman


The entire CMG team was professional and efficient.

Scott Loewe


Working with AJ and his team was a great experience! They had quick and accurate answers to all of our questions and demonstrated an in depth knowledge of the process. They explained all of the documents required and even helped troubleshoot a technical problem on my side. Their secure document drop is very user friendly and useful. AJ helped to walk us through the home buying process from beginning to end, even offering different types of loans that could benefit us. Can not recommend AJ and his team enough. Thank you!

Austin Westbrook


Both AJ and Ryan were extremely responsive, thoughtful, and friendly. I can't say enough for their ability to actually address me, the client, in my first home-buying experience. I actually can't think of a situation where I waited more than an hour or two for a call back. usually much faster than that. Really outstanding.

Joshua Holland


excellent everything seems perfect the best

Elder Jimenez Mauricio