Heather Headley

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885 Island Drive
Suite #205
Alameda, CA, United States 94502

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9 Reviews






Heather is awesome !!!!!!!!!

Robert Emerson Jr


She really did a great job and had everything in order.

Patricia Johnson


Heather was always available for questions and exceptionally helpful during the process. Thanks so much.

Le Pham


Heather was great to work with. She was very transparent and provided detail answers to all of my questions. It's wasn't just about the transaction with Heather, she actually cared that I get in the best home for me. I would definitely recommend Heather to a friend or family member. Thx

Doreen Patrick


I was fortunate to know in advance what an exceptional Loan Officer is because I have worked with her in the past. It was because of our history I took a serious look at the All In One loan and I'm very pleased with the product and her service. I'm telling everyone about the product and Heather. Thank you Heather for introducing me to a great product and Awesome service.

Tim Ambrose


Heather was great to work with. So responsive and knowledgeable to all of our questions. I would not hesitate to use Heather again and will be sure to recommend her to any friends/family that are financing a mortgage. Thank you

Dan and Reda


Heather was a dream to work with! We had a complicated mortgage, as my mother and I bought the house together and she lives on the east coast. Heather was patient and understanding, even helping us get this mortgage together ahead of schedule! She took the time to really help me understand every part of the process, since I’m a first time homeowner. Thank you Heather! Couldn’t have done this without you!

Catalina del Canto


Heather went above and beyond. My availability is limited during the weekday. Heather was able to coordinate with me pretty much anytime. She was on top of all the details and gave me the confidence I needed in the timely and comprehensive nature in which my interests were being looked after.

Jeb Engel


I'm grateful for Heather and her patience. I worked with her closely running the numbers for several potential properties. I'm happy with her service time and consistent communication.

Romel Lucas