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885 Island Dr, Unit 205
Alameda, CA, 94502

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8 Reviews






Peter is very thorough and a pleasant person to do business with. He has always tried his best for us.

Renate Witt


Welcome Home Funding helped us buy our first home! Peter was thoughtful and patient and helped guide us through the ever-complicated mortgage application process. We love our new house! Thank you!

Valerie Berry


The service was expeditious, highly respectful,done with expertise, and carried out with genuine concern for my comfort and financial well being. The management and staff were very attentive to all of the legalities and procedures applicable to me. In particular, the senior loan officer was a great quarterback in terms of coordinating and guiding all of the essential and myriad number of parties involved in a complex project. Overall, WHF made what can be be a more intense project -a fun, well organized,and pleasurable business/life experience. I look forward to being accepted as a client again. Melvyn Jarrett

Melvyn Jarrett


My goal was to lower my rate by .75% During this time, he was able to respond quickly and lowered my rate by over a full percent! Always kind and answered any of my questions. Really felt like I had his undivided attention and care.

Nicholas Yoo


Peter Holmes and Welcome Home Funding stood out in several ways. Now that our home purchase has been completed, I can look back and say that Peter under-promised and over-delivered. He didn't promise us things that he couldn't deliver, and he also came through on several things that were pleasant surprises. My favorite thing that Peter did for us was to help us understand exactly what the lender/underwriter was looking for whenever they asked for certain information or explanations from us. Sometimes, such requests can be cryptic and I would read too much into them. Peter explained in easy-to-understand terms why they would ask for certain things and how to explain them (honestly but succintly). Sounds simple, but at the time it seemed as if our getting the loan approved or not depended on how we explained things. With Peter's guidance, this once-cryptic area was demystified, and everyone was comfortable with the transaction and we received approval. We love our new home, and we can recommend Peter Holmes and Welcome Home Funding with complete confidence.

Michael Kempel


Peter exceeded my expectations.

Robert Isbell


Peter was great, very communicative and expedient. I have purchased homes in the past and this was the best experience by far.

Kari Lanning


Best service for my first time buyers. Some confusion with the buyers credit came up the weekend before closing and the service was excellent -- I have been in the real estate consulting and sales industry for 37 years. I know when the lender is superior. I would use Peter at all times. Thank you Peter 5 stars are not enough how about 10 stars

Frances Lugo