Matthew Mieras

CMG Financial


118 Reviews

(843) 670-5512

765 Long Point Road
Suite A
Mt. Pleasant, SC, United States 29464

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118 Reviews






Matt went above and beyond to ensure that we were able to get the home we wanted with as little hassle as possible. He was very professional and I never had any problems making contact. The home buying process was made easier because of Matt's efforts. If you are in the market, I would definitely suggest that Matt is your go to guy!

Everette Richardson


The CMG team met our needs for a mortgage with first-class professionalism, communication, and thorough products and options knowledge. Thank you, CMG!

Michael Cathey


Matt worked hard to get my loan accomplished in the short time that was allotted to him after another lender didn’t work out. Kept me informed along the way, very happy and satisfied.

Deborah Lindhorst


Matt worked tirelessly to keep everything on schedule and even secured us a better interest rate. Thank you Matt!

Michael Caudle


I have worked with Matt on multiple personal transactions and he has helped many of my clients. Due to his attention to detail and care he gives every deal, he will always he a lender I recommend and use!

Brent Boatwright


Matt was super helpful throughout the process of buying our 1st home! Thanks Matt!

Alexandra Smith


He is great, Matt made it seamless and was on top of everything. He is highly recommended.

Donna Capps


Matt was a lifesaver! After having dealt with a company that treated the whole mortgage process way too casually, wasting my time/filling-out my personal data incorrectly/incompetently listing-out all the charges in the contract (misattributing some things, playing shell-games with others, and just out-and-out gouging us to the tune of over $3k, in the end), Matt was recommended to me as someone to see. He was a total pro, saved us a lot of dough, and put together the whole thing extremely efficiently and with zero errors. Such a nice gentleman, too.Can't say enough about him and the whole  team! Don't bother with anyone else - just go directly to Matt!

Mike and Laura from Charleston, SC