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CMG Financial


128 Reviews

(865) 300-5343

10815 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN, United States 37934

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128 Reviews






Shena made this process as easy as possible! I will definitely contact her for assistance if needed in the future.

Sarah Browning


Shena has worked with me on both of the loans that I have used to purchase my house and recently to refinance it. She understood my goals for the loan and worked to get me the best rate and even a better monthly payment. I highly recommend working with Shena. She is professional, courteous, communicative, honest, and helps set expectations for what the loan can do. I will work with her again and I will be sending anyone needing financing to CMG as well.

Taylor McGregor


Used Shena 5 years ago on original home loan , reached back out to see if a refinance would be a good idea. She put numbers together quickly and I liked what I was seeing so we went ahead with it.

Christopher Palmer


The entire process was easy and very transparent. Shena was easy to reach and quick to respond. Her extensive knowledge and expertise was evident.

Tamara Bland


We appreciate the opportunity to have Shena Cole on our refinancing. It was a very pleasant experience.

Jeffrey Alexander


My whole experience with Shena and CMG was very positive as a first time home buyer. The whole process was streamlined, and Shena was quite knowledgeable and helpful.

Jake Walker


She was very professional & took care of every issue that came up along the way. It was a long distance closing & she made it very workable. I look forward to recommending her to others. Hoping to have family members join me in Tennessee!

Kathy McHenka


Shena is fantastic. She guided me through my first TN home buying experience with ease. She’s extremely knowledgeable, thorough and thoughtful - a great partner on the home buying journey.

Christina Cieri


Love Shena! We just finished our refi and are moving on to a second home purchase.

Bee Squires


Shena was extremely knowledgeable and prompt with all documents and deadlines. She was good at knowing when to push for important documents needed and giving reminders that deadlines were approaching. The entire process was smooth and if there were any major hiccups, Shena handled them without making them seem major.

Colt Everatt