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Karen Lyons Nowadly showed great expertise in every respect. As an attorney, I am accustomed to dealing with problems from such transactions and because of your attention to detail we had no need to address any problems. We will recommend Karen to our friends whenever we have occasion to do so. We were very pleased with your handling of our home purchase in University Park.

- Peter C.


We have used Karen Lyons Nowadly’s Real Estate services in both New York and in Florida on multiple transactions over the past 10 years.  Karen has also represented our 3 sons on their real estate dealings as well.    She is, without a doubt, the utmost professional, integral and honest professional we have had the privilege of working with.  She demonstrates a level of assertiveness necessary to get the job done, with a fresh and enthusiastic approach.  Her demeanor, keen eye for detail and honesty make her our Agent for Life.

-Ray and Peggy


Sarasota, Florida & Orchard Park, New York

Karen's winning personality will always keep her at the forefront of any transaction she is involved. If the direct approach didn't work and an obstacle surfaces, she invariably figures a way over, under, around or through it, to get her to the other side as quickly and expeditiously as possible. Karen Lyons Nowadly: an effective, resilient, self-assured professional who simply gets the job done.

-Brendan C.


HUNT Real Estate, Buffalo, New York