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2900 100TH Street
STE 206
Urbandale, IA, USA 50322

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38 Reviews






Dee Dee and David Kalny went above and beyond, to get our mortgage completed! They answered all our questions, and did whatever it took to get us to closing day! I will be recommending them to anyone that needs a mortgage!

Joshua Stubbs


I don’t want to enter a testimonial.

Jill Dodson


Thank you for everything you did!!

Tanya Havens


DeeDee was AMAZING! I will recommend her to everyone I know!

Kyle Bloom


DeeDee does everything she can to make your home dreams become reality , she fights for you and is very good at communicating each step with you , I would definitely recommend her to anyone, 5 stars 🌟

Krissy White


Dee Dee and David were fantastic with everything! Being a first time homebuyer I had a lot of questions and they answered they effectively and efficiently! It was an absolute pleasure working with them!

Brook Davis


From the beginning with Dee Dee Kalny, then David Kalny, Donald O Brien, and Rachine Kalny at the end, this has been a wonderful experience with extremely experienced people. The journey started in early December of 2020 with Krista Young our realtor, then her referral to Dee Dee Kalny. We continued this with absolutely great communication on every aspect of obtaining this loan. This of course was not our first home (our 3rd). We submitted everything when requested as quick as possible. Everything moved along quickly with David Kalny, then on to Donald O Brien where we requested our notary we have had for other homes and refi's, Debra Colton here in California, where we were at this time. Through all the bank issues to do the wire transfer because of Covid19 here in California where we were at the time, we were able to complete this part of the final transaction. Communication was moving smoothly along and toward the end Richine Kalny congratulated us on owning this home. We are forever grateful to all those who were a part of this journey and will definitely remember you all fondly. We are looking forward to moving in as soon as the weather is better for our move from California. Communication was the key to getting this done quickly and I would highly stress this with CMG on future loans. As for us, I am sure that this will not be our last home purchase as we continue our journey through life as God as given us so much to enjoy and look forward to. We thank you once again for all your help in this purchase. It is ever so greatly appreciated. PS: Kind of miss emails from you all. We will keep in touch. God bless you all for your hard work. May our Lord keep you all safe.

Mark Caplinger


Dee Dee and her team did an amazing job. She helped keep our jitters to a minimum. Everything was almost stress free. She even came to the signing in a snow storm. John and Susannah O'Dette

John O'Dette


DeeDee and colleagues are among the best. Everything moved fast and smooth. Highly recommended group for your financial needs.

Eric Rodemeyer


DeeDee Kalny took our special circumstances and completed our loan - from 1st contact to funding in 2 weeks! She is phenomenal. DeeDee sacrificed time with her family over the Thanksgiving holiday to make certain we weren't homeless for Christmas! She kept us informed through the entire process. We never had to wonder what was happening in the loan process. I can't express our gratitude for the effort DeeDee put forth and the results she achieved. I won't hesitate to recommend DeeDee and David Kalny at CMG to anyone looking for a home loan. They are absolutely amazing.

Dawn Holrath