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CMG Financial


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4141 North 156th Street
Suite 100
Omaha, Nebraska, United States 68116

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128 Reviews






Mike has been wonderful to work with!! He answers all of our questions quickly and he makes the process easy and user friendly!

Ashley Webb


Mike is Amazing!! The efficacy was beyond words, as is the level of professionalism! I will recommend CMG Mortage and Mike to anyone looking to purchase property. In a few words.... Mike is SUPERMAN!!

Sherry Rogers


Mike Dein was extremely helpful from start to finish with my process. He gave me very sound advice with a lot of explanation with where he was coming from. He never pushed me to make any particular decision. I felt I was in control the whole time but much more informed as a result of my consultations with him. My situation was complex. The results of my loan were dependent on another loan. He and his staff never complained about this complexity and adapted to the situation as it unfolded even though it meant tighter deadlines and more pressure. He and others worked tremendously hard on this. I am very grateful for the way this turned out. I am in a home I absolutely love and I know I would not have had this chance had he and his team not acted so quickly and efficiently on my behalf. I will recommend Mike and team enthusiastically to my friends and family.

Mahesh Sookram


Thank you Mike. It was a pleasure to work with you. Your help on this was amazing as I was doing it alone on my end that was different from anytime before. Also the covid restrictions were a non issue. All refinancing should be thus easy.

Therese Duermyer


Mike was awesome! He walked me through the entire process and was always available to answer any questions I had. I will definitely recommend him to family and friends.

Stacy Nystrom


Mike was absolutely without a doubt, positively, hands down -- very enjoyable to work with. He is a true professional in every sense of the word (and I must say I think I was a bit "knarly" a few times because I was so stressed at work and then trying to assemble docs for CMG etc.) . . . but Mike handled it all with class and utmost finesse. I do buy and sell homes pretty often is seems (much to my husband's dismay) -- haha, so I do believe our paths will cross again. Thank you CMG -- Mr. Dein represents you VERY WELL!!! By the way, your first and fifth question on this survey is the same!

Debra Johnson


Mike and his staff at CMG Financial did a wonderful job with everything from start to finish. Little to no stress with the entire process and everything turned out way better than expected.

Gene Allen


Thank you so much. Mike helped me on deciding what to do all through the process. I am so glad that I chose CMG and that I was able to have Mike help me. Thank - you ! Vickey Higginson.

Vickey Higginson



Joy Heimbaugh


The total process was a breeze. I was able to submit every required document via pdf using the CMG website. Mike was very friendly and ‘hands on’. He treated me with much respect and made the entire process very personable!

Paul Toliver