5 Ways Reviews Help Pet Owners Choose You as Their Veterinarian

As a veterinarian, you have a broad market of potential customers – research shows 65% of US households include one or more pets. That’s close to 80 million homes with animals that will need veterinary treatment at some point. So how do you get pet owners to choose you as their veterinarian? Reviews are key to attracting clients to your veterinary practice. Here’s why:

#1 Great reviews place you higher in online search results

When people look for an MD, they start with their insurance. But since most consumers don’t carry pet insurance, they start online. Google ranks veterinarians much higher on local search results if they have glowing reviews. Positive online reputation attracts customers by placing you higher on search results. Heat map studies show that the top three results are viewed by 83% of searchers and get 34% of the clicks while less than 10% bother with page two of Google.

#2 Testimonials drive decision-making

The only thing more powerful than an enthusiastic testimonial on the web is a word-of-mouth recommendation from a friend. Testimonials and customer stories are significant influencers. Not only do you need testimonials on your veterinary practice website but also on crowdsourced review sites such as Yelp. Close to 90% of consumers rely on online reviews when making decisions about product purchases and selecting service providers.

#3 Testimonials are the most powerful content on your website

Professionally created content can make your website (and your practice) sound great, but won’t be as persuasive as detailed reviews from satisfied customers. Reviews posted on your site are very helpful to influence pet owners to choose your vet office. And it’s even better if you can get your happy customers to share their reviews on their social media channels as well. Close to 90% of consumers rate testimonials as the most effective and trusted marketing content.


#4 Four and five-star reviews sell your services like a charm

Choosing an animal clinic is a major decision and stellar reviews can be the deciding factor. It’s not enough for your veterinary practice to be reviewed, but these need to be authentic, highly-rated reviews, preferably with specifics on the experience at your office. Star ratings offer info at a glance and 4.5 or greater star ratings trigger a 64% likelihood of transacting with a business. But details matter, too. Detailed reviews are a key differentiator when two service providers have equal ratings.

#5 A volume of positive reviews tips the scales in your favor

It’s not enough to have a few reviews – you need an inventory of glowing, fresh testimonials. The more recent and detailed the review, the greater its effectiveness. Both quality and quantity of reviews matter. Close to 90% of potential customers read at least 10 reviews before making a decision to purchase products or services and 44% of customers prefer reviews written within the past month. To drive new business, you should be curating testimonials on an ongoing basis.

Pets are family – show potential customers you care

Customer stories that put your veterinary practice in the best light are key to keeping your appointment book full. But finding the time to gather reviews, post on your site, and keep fresh reviews coming can be a daunting task for the busy vet. Be sure your veterinary practice manager prioritizes this key component of your marketing and online brand management.


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