5 Ways to Ask For Referrals

Testimonial Tree is built around obtaining authentic, positive reviews about your business. And once you do that, you’re positioned to ask for a referral, which can help generate new business. Although asking for a referral is a basic component of sales, a lot of people, even with years’ of sales experience, often forget this part or feel apprehensive about asking for a referral. Here are five tips that can help make asking for that referral just a little bit easier:

1. Stay personal!

Testimonial Tree helps build connections between customers and businesses — and it shows customers that you care. When you go to ask for a referral, don’t forget you’re human, too! You’re just a person asking for an introduction to someone who might need your services. Don’t be pushy — and the worst they can say is no.

2. Stay Relaxed

With that said, staying relaxed is easier said than done. But keep in mind that asking for a referral in business is a foundational aspect of generating new leads. You’re not asking anything out of line or being obtrusive. You’ll also want to differentiate between a cold call and asking a current customer for a referral— you know this person. They’ve already given you their business. Be friendly, and as long as you respect your current customer and don’t step over their boundaries by being pushy, you just might get what you were looking for.

3. Be Direct

Don’t beat around the bush! Look, we all are busy and have places to be, and there’s nothing wrong with tactfully being direct. If you aren’t direct, your client or customer may not know what you’re asking for. They may think you’re just gauging interest in your product or service. Or if it’s in an email or a plaque on the wall, your customers won’t even register that you’re actively looking for a referral (because you aren’t really actively asking). You’ll want to make it clear that you’d like contact information — be direct, but mind your manners, and be pleasant. As the old adage goes, you catch more bees with honey than with vinegar.

4. Give Referrals

This might sound odd, but think about it. If you establish a relationship with your customers, you may find yourself in a position to recommend other businesses that could meet their needs. For example, if you have a dental practice, and a patient comes in and in the midst of the exam tells you that they are working on remodeling their home. Maybe you know someone who could help them out. Give the referral. You’ll find it easier to ask for one when you know you’re not the only one asking.

Overall, asking for referrals shouldn’t be as daunting of a task as many make it out to be. Use these tips and you should be able to get some solid referrals. Let us know how you got your best referral in the comments.

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