5 Reasons Testimonials Will Get You More Business

Testimonials are a form of client-generated content that provides a unique view into your business that prospects wouldn’t get anywhere else, and they’re highly valued by search engines like Google because they show your company is continuously updating and is therefore active online. The more current and relevant your website is, the higher it will be ranked organically on search engines.

The most important part about having testimonials is that it generates more business for your company. In fact, 80% of customers read online reviews before deciding whether or not to make a purchase or hire a service provider. Simply put, 80% of your prospective customers could be convinced by a simple testimonial on your website, Google Business page, Facebook, etc.

We’ve compiled five reasons why testimonials generate more business and therefore why companies should be putting a strong focus on gathering said client testimonials.


1. It’s Word of Mouth Advertising

We all know this is the most cost-effective form of advertising, and frankly, the most effective. This is because there is one thing that people trust more than the positive experiences of strangers and that’s the experiences of the people they know or can relate to. Now, granted your prospective customers probably won’t personally know the individual who wrote the testimonial, however, they could be from the same city, in the same profession, looking for the same product or service, etc. This word of mouth advertising is a great way for prospects to relate to your past customers and feel comfortable contacting you to make a purchase or gather further information.

2. Testimonials Are Honest Stories From Past Customers

In today’s market, customers are smart. They know that when they speak to you, you’re only going to talk about the good things. No business is going to talk about their past mistakes or challenges. By leveraging testimonial marketing, prospective clients can get an honest view of your business before they buy.

3. Testimonials Are Similar To Online Reviews

Online reviews are useful because they can be used and seen on a variety of different channels. For example, having reviews on your social channels, such as Facebook, provides social proof to prospects as they scroll through social media. Having reviews on Google Business helps with SEO ranking. By having excellent SEO, your business will appear organically more often during searches. This is because Google rewards companies who work to maintain online relevancy.

4. It Builds Trust And Credibility For Your Brand

People like to know that you’re not new to the business. They want to work with a company that has perfected their craft and can provide a high-quality product or service. By having testimonials on various channels, your future clients can see that you’ve not only done the work, but you’ve done it successfully. Continuing to provide top-level products and services is how to get referrals to begin with. It’s a simple case of circular causation. The better your products and services, the better the customer experience and the more testimonials you will receive from raving fans.

5. They Help Continue To Build Raving Fans

Raving fans of your business are the ones that take the time to provide a well-written testimonial that you can use to generate more business. These are the customers who have had outstanding experiences and have no problem telling others. By having this level of service advertised, more prospects will choose to work with you and in turn, become raving fans themselves.

Generate More Business Through Testimonials

The bottom line is that testimonials get more business. They’re a cost-effective method of establishing credibility, which is crucial to your ability to thrive in a competitive market. What’s even more effective is automating your testimonial requests. With businesses today being busy and fast-paced, companies don’t need to be worrying about gathering testimonials. To help ensure that you’re focusing on more mission-critical activities, we automate the collection process. By having our collection process running seamlessly in the background, you automatically have one of the most effective forms of lead generation on the market today – client testimonial.

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