4 Things Your Practice Needs to Know About Facebook Changes

Social media marketing is key to branding and marketing your practice and new changes to Facebook’s business page layout can impact how your business is seen by existing and potential patients. Staying on top of social media updates can be the difference that puts you out in front of your competitors. Here are the four most important things to know about this latest Facebook shake-up for local business pages.


#1 The Call to Action button has moved

The CTA button is now larger and higher on the page, just below your cover image which is now separate from your logo. The Call to Action button can be set to contact you, shop, and other options. Be sure to set up your CTA button – “contact us” or “learn more” are good options for your practice. Having a Call to Action gets three times more click-throughs.

Click here to see how to set up your Facebook Call to Action button.


#2 Updating albums gets you attention

Rather than posting a roster of solo pics, sorting them into albums helps your clients and potential clients get to know you better. When you update albums, your Facebook page followers will get updates which can trigger interest. Set up albums such as team staff pics, happy patient photos, adorable pets (if you’re a veterinarian), eyeglass frame trends (for ophthalmology practices) or big happy smiles (for dental practices). Link an album to a targeted post for compelling branding and keep things fun and shareable.

Click here to see how to use Photo Albums in Facebook posts.


#3 About section has been moved and enhanced

The About section is now in the lower right of your practice’s Facebook page. The info should not have changed, but double check that your address, operating hours, website URL, phone, and map are all correct. Also, click the map to confirm that the directions that display are accurate. All of this should have translated properly when the page changed, but it’s smart to check. Location is a big deciding factor for potential clients so make sure you’re on their radar.

Click here to see how to add or correct your Facebook business info.


#4 Testimonial tab can be added to attract new clients

You can now add a Testimonial tab to your Facebook page to allow potential clients to see how much patients love your practice. Using Facebook to help gather reviews and leverage them to promote your business is a good marketing tactic but collecting and curating reviews can be labor intensive. Consider using an efficient online reputation management service to easily take control of what is being publicized about your practice.

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Since 71% of US adults that are online use Facebook, it’s a powerful venue to tap. Combine that with the fact that 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations and you’ve got a hotbed of branding and marketing opportunities on your medical, dental or veterinary practice Facebook page. Be sure to make the most of these Facebook updates to more effectively promote your practice.

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