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Testimonial Tree is perfect for mortgage lenders because it helps add a layer of trust to your business. When a person invests hundreds of thousands of dollars in a home, they want to ensure that the process runs smoothly, efficiently, and that their mortgage will be handled with care. Testimonial Tree allows and encourages current customers to share their positive experience, which helps guide others to choose your company.

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Outpace the Competition

Other mortgage lenders may not be taking full advantage of referrals, and even if they are, Testimonial Tree will help make the most of them. Not only will you be able to receive and share testimonials, but the SEO benefits will help drive more traffic to your website. Testimonial Tree works both behind the scenes and in the public eye by allowing you to manage and leverage public opinion.


Connect With Your Clients

Beyond creating a establishing a communication connection with your existing clients, you’ll be able to connect with new clients. Testimonial Tree will provide you with unlimited opportunity to build an open dialog with your clients. You’ll find that by asking for feedback, you’ll get honest opinions. With our social media sharing capabilities, you’ll be able to receive and respond to client feedback.


Generate More Leads

With Testimonial Tree, you’ll be able to engage in the power of referrals. By receiving and sharing them, you’ll be able to reach more potential clients and the content of their referrals will be more powerful than any advertising content you could create because the comments are unpaid and authentic from real clients. You’ll also drive more traffic to your website because each time a testimonial is shared, a link to your website is included, improving your SEO.

Increase Business Referrals with Testimonial Tree!

Request Feedback From Clients

Use our forms to request your loyal clients to write a review of your product or service. Our forms are customizable and can be branded toward your company.

Testimonials Are Collected & Organized

Clients recommend your product or service to others by writing positive reviews or recommendations about your company's products and services. These are then collected, organized and available for future use — even if they didn’t directly originate from Testimonial Tree.

Clients Share on Social Media

Depending on which settings you choose, customers are encouraged to share the testimonial on their own social networks. You maintain control of the process by using the settings in the system.

Publish Testimonials On All Platforms

Let your clients' great stories be told. Leverage their success and your hard work to obtain new clients by sharing their positive testimonials on all platforms.

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