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Turn Your Clients' Financial Successes into Potential New Clients for your Financial Institution.

Testimonial Tree & Financial Institutions

With the bank busts and bailouts of the early 2000s, many in the general public are still hesitant to trust in a financial institution. Testimonial Tree lets you share the good word straight from the mouths of current customers. If potential new customers are hesitant to trust the word of a bank, hearing good things from a third party may just be what gets them to try out your services.


Outpace the Competition

In a time when other financial institutions are relying on traditional advertising and marketing means, you’ll be embracing old school principles of good, old fashioned referrals with the future of communication by means of social media. You’ll be able to reach a wider market and gain more customers than those who aren’t utilizing testimonials.


Connect With Your Customers

You can easily establish a connection with your customers by responding to their reviews on social media, and frankly, even by asking for their thoughts in the first place. Customers will see that you’re interested in their feedback and that you are genuinely concerned about customer service in addition to the products and services your institution provides. Making that connection will help improve your brand’s reputation, which will definitely affect your bottom line.


Generate More Leads

With more referrals, you’ll undoubtedly generate more leads. You’ll also be in a position to reach a wider audience by going online. You can display customer testimonials on your website, in emails, and through social media, reaching a wider audience and increasing the possibility of gaining a new customer. More leads will mean more business!

Use Feedback to Move Your Financial Institution Forward!

Request Feedback From Customers

Use our forms to request your loyal clients to write a review of your product or service. Our forms are customizable and can be branded to match your financial institution's marketing.

Testimonials Are Collected & Organized

Customers recommend your product or service to others by writing positive reviews or recommendations about your company's products and services. These are then collected, organized and available for future use — even if they didn’t directly originate from Testimonial Tree.

Clients Share on Social Media

Depending on which settings you choose, customers are encouraged to share the testimonial on their own social networks. You maintain control of the process by using the settings in the system.

Publish Testimonials On All Platforms

We make it easy to take your clients' success stories and share them on the web for other future clients to see. Choose to show more important testimonials or hide irrelevant ones on your site and networks.