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Testimonials & Reviews Are the #1 Analyzed Metric Customers Use to Make Purchasing Decisions

Testimonial Tree & Enterprise

Use Testimonial Tree to empower your enterprise! You’ll be able to get valuable feedback that you can use to catapult business to the next level. Testimonial Tree helps to keep your enterprise personal and not just a brand name. You’ll get reinforcement that things are going well, generate new leads, and end up with ample content for future marketing and advertising.


Outpace the Competition

While other enterprises are just focused on the bottom line, forgetting about the personal aspect of business, you’ll be able to do both. This puts you ahead of the game in terms of new customer acquisition and maintaining a humanistic element to your enterprise. Customers will see that you care, potential customers will read the good things current customers have to say, and you’ll be well on your way to increasing business.


Connect With Your Customers

Enterprises don’t often have the opportunity to connect with their customers. With Testimonial Tree, you do. With the social media sharing aspect, you and members of your company will be able to respond to the reviews left by your customers to show that you’re getting their feedback and that you appreciate their kind words. Establishing this connection with your customer base will help build a foundation to receive referrals and keep business moving forward.


Generate More Leads

Anyone who has ever been in sales will tell you that asking for referrals is critical to generating more leads. But, it’s also one of the easiest things to forget to do. After a job well done, it’s human nature to move along. Testimonial Tree helps to fill that gap and ensures that you’re asking for feedback. When it’s positive, you can share that recommendation on your website, social media, emails, or wherever you choose — and by reaching such a broad audience, you’ll be sure to catch some new customers from the feedback. Testimonial Tree lets you cast a wide referral net, ensuring you’re reaching as many people as possible. And with built in SEO benefits from link sharing, you’re drawing even more prospective customers to your website. It’s a win-win.

Increase The Potential of Your Enterprise

Request Feedback From Clients & Customers

Use our forms to request your loyal customers to write a review of your product or service. Our forms are customizable and can be branded toward your company.

Testimonials Are Collected & Organized

Customers recommend your product or service to others by writing positive reviews or recommendations about your company's products and services. These are then collected, organized and available for future use — even if they didn’t directly originate from Testimonial Tree.

Clients & Customers Share on Social Media

Depending on which settings you choose, customers are encouraged to share the testimonial on their own social networks. You maintain control of the process by using the settings in the system.

Publish Testimonials On All Platforms

Share Testimonials Organize & share collected testimonials on your website. stay organized with our enterprise administration. Choose to show more important testimonials or hide irrelevant ones on your site and networks.