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Testimonial Tree & Doctors

The general public trusts their health with doctors, and because of that, it’s only natural that people would want to check out what others have to say about your practice. While your medical credentials often speak volumes about your experience and capability, there are no degrees for bedside manner, office availability, and personality. That’s where Testimonial Tree comes in. Your patients will be able to sing their praises of your practice and let others know things that you can’t just put on a billboard. It’s the best form of advertising, and it works because it’s authentic!


We are excited to announce our partnership with Collier County Medical Society which enables its members to effortlessly integrate Testimonial Tree.

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Outpace the Competition

You want to make sure that your practice stands above all the rest, and what better way to do that than to have your patients tell it like it is! Even though there may be other doctors in the area who have similar practices to yours, they’re not providing their patients with a platform to speak and share their experience. With Testimonial Tree, you are, which means more referrals, more patients, and fewer empty time slots.


Connect With Your Patients

One of the best features of Testimonial Tree is that it allows you to connect with your patients on a another level. If you choose, you can interact on social media and respond to the reviews of your patients. Even if you choose not to do that, you’re still showing your patients that you value their opinion. Not only does it communicate to them that you care about their experience in your office and that you’re not about just logging in another insurance claim, it shows that you genuinely want to have your practice be the best possible by requesting feedback.


Generate More Leads

With every satisfied patient, you have the opportunity to gain another through their positive testimonial. Testimonial Tree enables you to share these testimonials with a much wider range than you would if you had just published them in a newsletter or one-time advertisement, for example. These testimonials can be curated, organized, and shared, allowing you to make the most of each recommendation and increase your caseload.

Let Your Patients’ Word of Mouth Power Your Practice!

Request Feedback From Patients

Use our forms to request your loyal patients to write a review of your amazing service. Our forms are customizable and can be branded to match your medical practice's marketing.

Testimonials Are Collected & Organized

Your patients write positive reviews or recommendations about your practice, and you are able to collect, organize, and maintain the testimonials you've received. It helps keep things in order so that you can filter and find the best testimonial for future marketing or advertising purposes.

Patients Share on Social Media

Depending on which settings you choose, patients are encouraged to share the testimonial on their own social networks. You maintain control of the process by using the settings in the system.

Publish Testimonials On All Platforms

Organize & share collected testimonials on your website. stay organized with our enterprise administration. Choose to show more important testimonials or hide irrelevant ones on your site and networks.