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Dentistry can be incredibly nerve-wracking for people, and one of the first things they look for when seeking out a new dentist (often even before they find out if the practice takes their insurance!) is what other people think of them. Potential patients often have a myriad of questions and apprehensions before deciding on a new dentist. Are they gentle, patient, and kind? Do they make sure you’re numb before they start drilling? Do they offer payment plans? Flexible hours? Answers to questions like these are often found in testimonials, and Testimonial Tree makes it easy for potential patients to hear what others have to say, even when they don’t have a personal referral. Bridge the gap (and we’re not talking about teeth) between questions and answers with personalized testimonials curated, shared, and organized through Testimonial Tree.

Let Your Patients’ Word of Mouth Power Your Practice!

Request Feedback From Patients

Use our forms to request your loyal patients to write a review of your product or service. Our forms are customizable and can be branded for your dental practice.

Testimonials Are Collected & Organized

Testimonials from patients don't need to be jumbled throughout the web. Use Testimonial Tree to keep patient testimonials organized for your practice.

Patients Share on Social Media

Depending on which settings you choose, patients are encouraged to share the testimonial on their own social networks. You maintain control of the process by using the settings in the system.

Publish Testimonials On All Platforms

Testimonial Tree makes it easy for you to both collect and share testimonials. Take positive words from your patients and turn them into stories for your marketing.


84% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendation

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