What is Testimonial Tree?

Every business succeeds with personal referrals, recommendations, and testimonials. We offer a platform that makes it simple to request testimonials, and it doesn’t stop there. You’ll be able to organize, filter, and sort testimonials, choose which ones you want to use, and share them any way you like (on your website, emails, and social media). Testimonial Tree is the premier testimonial and personalized customer review collection tool that your business needs — all with affordable pricing and no contracts.

Personalized Testimonial Collection Forms

We offer personalized testimonial collection forms that are unique to your business, so your customers won’t feel like they’re being asked to give their opinion by a third-party that they don’t care about. When it’s coming directly from you, your customers will want to let you know what they think. It helps keeps testimonials personal — just like they should be.

Personalized Collection Form

Management Tool

Management Tool

You’ll also be able to organize all of your testimonials, no matter how you received them with our testimonial management tool. That means if someone emails a glowing commendation, you can add it to the testimonial bank, even though it wasn’t obtained through our service. You’re not bound by our service, you’re freed by it.

Display Widgets

Testimonial display widgets can easily be added to your website, allowing you to display the customer reviews that you want new customers to see. And you’ll get choices — the display widgets offer a variety of options so you can pick the format and design that most closely reflects your business style.


Integrated Social Media

Testimonial Tree is also fully integrated with social media, keeping sharing simple and on the platforms your customers use. And the best part is that you can control what gets shared! You determine if and when customers who have reviewed your business are asked to share their comments on social media.

Business Smart & User Friendly

It’s business smart and user friendly— with APIs for integration with your CRMs, intranets, sales systems, etc., you’ll be able to seamlessly add Testimonial Tree to your business process. Users can search and filter testimonials to find the best quote for marketing materials and advertisements. Because the user experience is so simple, even the most non-computer savvy employees will find using Testimonial Tree a breeze.


Increase Visibility & SEO

Go beyond just testimonials! Testimonial Tree also advertises the reviews you post to the public, which helps increase your online visibility and search engine optimization. Every time your customers share a testimonial, a link to your website is included. And the more organic links there are online, the better your SEO.

Improve Morale & Business Confidence

The best feature of all? Knowing your customers are happy and hearing about it. Customers don’t always volunteer feedback — but with Testimonial Tree, you ensure you’re getting it. And when your business is doing a great job, you’ll help keep morale up and spirits high!

Testimonial Review Software For Happy Customers

Do You Need Assistance With Testimonial Tree?

We strive to make Testimonial Tree as user friendly as possible and easy to use for both your employees and your customers. But if you need help, we’re only an email, chat or phone call away!